Do i need to add something else?)
Just sick of mad latecy while playing guitar in the night on card that don’t have asio (this card is only option to use headphones for me now)…
WASAPI should eliminate this.

Had to Google/Wiki (so no, not really enough information) and have to say I’m not sure WASAPI would really help for this. Have you tried ASIO4All with your sound card?

WASAPI at least doesn’t getting through internal mixer of Windows (which clearly make it’s little bit in sound delay and also it reduce dynamics of sound on ~2db which is very noticeable through comparsion of ds and wasapi through foobar)…

I would like to use ASIO4ALL (basicly it’s same WASAPI way of getting past Windows mixer parts, so it’s not real ASIO though), but the problem is i got guitar through mia midi, but headphones only through crappy Realtek HD, and in this way trough asio i can’t use imput from 1 card and output from another…
So i guess WASAPI at least can reduce a lot of delays and use input from other card…

API — Application Programming Interface
APO — Audio Processing Object
CPT — Cross Process Transport
KST — Kernel Streaming Transport

WASAPI basicly is internal Windows ‘hack’ that allows to get past everything that is after this part, and pass sound directly to soundcard, just like ASIO or kernel streaming.


Still not going to allow you to reduce the size of the buffers the device is using though will it? That surely relies on the drive. It sounds like WASAPI sits on top of the DirectSound/WDM drive and thus you are still going to be limited by the buffers set there.

I may be mistaken and as I’ve said only done some quick, skim reading, but nothing you have posted has indicated otherwise either.

EDIT: OK WASAPI is only part of it, the M$ Core Audio APIs go further than this one alone.


The whole collection need to be taken together and Win7 appears to have some advances on Vista.

Might help with some things, especially using multiple audio interfaces at the same time, but not sure it is likely to be a cure-all…

Well i can’t either say nothing about latency of input devices (just hope that if devs off Renoise will try to research they could find a way)

As i can say from my experience of foobar music listening WASAPI output compared to ds:

  1. As quality as it could possibly get, sounds like ASIO in a way, and process audio directly to card, without any microsoft mixer processing and stuff like that.
  2. Because of that dynamics of any sound became higher on 2db (well, it’s more correct to say not beeing reduced on 2db, coz of all windows internal processing), which is huge difference in quality (i was amazed while comare)
  3. The only bad side of this WASAPI mode as far as i concerned is that it is very sensitive to the buffer size (for example setting very low buffer side will lead to a lot of cracklers, very high will lead to repeat of any sound in some amount of time, so it have to be exactly optimized value, based on sound card) This is huge minus, but i think adavantages of this new way that Vista / Win 7 works could be huge, if we will think of how to implemet in to Renoise :)

At least i think that a lot of unwanted latency can be leaked through ds…Which is bad thing for sure.

  • maybe it’s possible to use different sound cards inputs and outputs in the same time.

There are also one thing i know about WASAPI, that there are 2 modes, exclusive (which can be used to get pass through all of windows mixer crap), and shared (which is pretty limited)

Of course i’m not sure that it’s cure-all either :D
But it worth to invetigate for sure ;)

Digging up this old grave… I’d like to see WASAPI support as well.
The Windows 8 Exclusive WASAPI is much seamless than Asio4all.

Maybe it got better on w10 ^_^It isn’t a bad thing, when renoise would support it.

5893 danodistortion.jpg

(hehe, gooze)

I miss it a lot. Asio crashes a lot on my Windows 10 system.
And WASAPI works much better (tested in other hosts).

So i use directsound right now, not good.

Bumping this because WASAPI works fantastically in W10, especially in terms of options that allow you to listen to other things while doing music work. Fortunately, Renoise is not the most time-sensitive program out there, but still, the option to use WASAPI would be lovely.

iFocusrite solo 2


Fortunately, Renoise is not the most time-sensitive program out there, but still, the option to use WASAPI would be lovely.

What do you mean?

Please please implement WASAPI.

It is windows internal ASIO with low latency, but you can parallel hear YouTube in the browser or other soundsources, because there is an exclusive and a shared mode.I have used WASAPI always in Reaper and Bitwig. WASAPI is the best choice if you want to use onboard sound with low latency. WASAPI is build in until 5 years now.

1 asio4all will let you use multiple soundcards.

2 wasapi is not “on top of” directx. It is its own thing for accessing soundcards directly.

But I have only one soundcard, that’s enough for me. With ASIO4ALL I cant use other soundsources like browser, videoplayer etc. at the same time as renoise. It is very annoying to close an ASIO App every time I want to use an other audiosource like Youtube etc.

Please stop developing the windows version and frustrate yourself and instead invest the time in the MacOS version (and maybe linux ok). Win10 is a embarrassing, really bad joke. Yesterday I updated it, and read shit like “WE NEED TO RESTART YOUR PC. [] NOW [] SELECT AN HOUR”. I never read such a crappy message before in my entire life. And who is “we”? Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer remotely trying to restart my PC?? Oh god, that ridiculous GUI, this really is anti-design, nothing works like it should. That windows all the time updates something and blocks that normal harddrive. It’s an old, stinkypatchwork rug, so ugly.

I love Win10. I have installed it on many systems here and it works like a charm. It is stable and fast. No reason to switch in the near future.

I’m sorry to dig up this very old topic, but… please, please, I want WASAPI support :confused:
I’ve recently bought a very generic and cheap mixer (the only one I could afford) and it’s very buggy when used with ASIO4ALL… I’ve searched some videos of people using this mixer with WASAPI and it seems to work way better… I can use it in other hosts but I really want to use it with my favorite daw (renoise of course)

Just to clear some things:
WASAPI has low latency, but only if you use WASAPI exclusive mode. And if you do that, you can’t play audio from other programs while the DAW is running, just like with Asio4all.
If you use WASAPI shared mode you can play audio from other programs, but then you don’t get low latency. It’s like using MME or DX.

So, for Windows, it’s better to just buy a sound card with real ASIO drivers.
Maybe one day MS will get off their a$$ and finally make some good audio and midi drivers (like Apple did for macOS), but until then we have to rely on 3rd party ones.

Why would you want sound from other programs?