Wave chunk support (instrument chunk, sampler chunk)

It seems renoise doesn’t support chunk data of wave files. I have a many “ready to use” samples, where the root note is already set. It would be nice, when renoise would parse and use this info when i’m loading these kind of samples.

chunk data:

There are many types of wave-files that use the .wav extension than just the ordinary “microsoft” format. If you contain a few that are not loaded or interpreted correctly, you are invited to send these examples to (i guess you get the hint) support at renoise dot com.

Oh, so it is official supported? Òk nice. I’ll send an email. Thx.

We indeed only read and write loop mode, start and end infos from the WAV RIFFs right now.
For root note, key-zone ranges and so on a format like soundfont might be the better choice.

Any reason why root note will not be parsed? I have a huge list of bass and one shot samples. Every sample have a root note set, so i dont need to set it manually all the time.