Wave Drawing Automation

drawing on a looping sample while it is playing is kinda fun, it would be great to automate it, so I propose an “effect” with the following parameters:

  • target sample
  • X offset
  • X position
  • Y position
  • pencil down/up


+1 Thought of this back with FT2 and I got reminded when I tried the new drawing feature. Would be rad!!

it’s incredible to see how fullfilling highly requested feature can result in more requests :)

this idea is so weird that I actually like it :D

Of course. One thing leads to another. There’s even a song or two about that…

So would this be in line with more command in the list that go past F? My only complaint might be that there’s no equivalent automation track for it (for instance like sample offset…that’s easy to give automation track to! It would be even easier than interpolate as well for things like time stretching and such…just draw straight, two point line from 0-FF (256) in the automation window, then add where you want the ‘corrections’ to go or whatever, and you have matched beat.

I’d rather normal commands available in ‘automation tracks’ before adding new commands like this one. It’s cool, but then again, we never got song-based loop point editing either…I’m guessing FOUR commands to control a brand new item aren’t going to be put in since just 2 commands controlling something that’s been in renoise since day one has never been impleneted, nor even humored, it seems.

I could be wrong (as I often am), but it seems unlikely.

+0 for controlling drawing via commands
+1 for automation tracks corresponding to commands

Nah, the way I thought it would be a DSP, that’s what I meant with “effect” sorry…

Like etch a sketch ? I’m all for it - then I can play nibbles with sound :-))


i really like this idea :dribble:



similar, but more advanced:

your idea sounds nice but
The other topic concerning the same issue , the waveorm is build by multiple vectorpoints , all automatable ( I actually act like it already exist :lol: )…now i we could automate all these v.p. , that would give a hell o a lot more possibilities .

Me too! +1



As in there are two waves/samples and there’s put a ‘Morph’-button between them? Hell yeah! :D