Waveform/sampler playback indication not only during playback

Hey, I finally got the chance to test v3 (beta 3) on my desktop dualscreen system,
and I simply love that I now can use both screens more efficiently. Superb.

However - there is ONE LITTLE THING I hope is possible to change/add/make optional:

I use my left monitor for editing patterns, and my right monitor for instruments and samples. Works great.
And while playing back a pattern, I can choose to view, let’s say a long vocal sample, in the sampler (right monitor).
This way, I can pay attention to the waveform’s transients and at the same time compare what’s happening in the pattern (on a desired track),
by following the vertical indication line moving through the vocal sample. But when i stop playback, the indication bar dissapears, naturally, because it’s no longer playing.

How about an option for enabling this indication also during editing - for samples that have autoseek enabled? More precisely: when I stop playback, and scroll up and down in the pattern, the indication line in the sampler will still follow, IF autoseek is enabled.
This way I could work so much closer and precise on everything, and suddenly my need for the infamous “audio tracks” is not so important any more, i basically just need the visualization.

I would love to see this… :rolleyes:/>


Would be handy indeed for working with long samples.

I’m no software coder, but I assume that a function like this could be fairly quick to implement/realize?
Would be interesting to hear from the devs on this, for all I know it might not be possible at all :)

very good idea.
The visual feedback is actually where Renoise is behind on about any traditional DAW - seeing notes in timeline is alright (delay column is not very visual though), but seeing the samples/waves that come out of them, let alone manage multiple lanes of automation by the side of the sound?? Nearly impossible in Renoise.


+42 Fantastic idea. Another easy addition that would work well with this would be modifying the beats labeling for the sample ruler to include rows, beats, and patterns.

yes, that would be a handy addition, also for single-monitor users I guess.

+1000 !
I need it


Brilliant idea :D

Feeling an increased need for this.

Make highlight indicator react in brightness intensity according to amplitude and colour according to spectral response :)


+1 from me as well.

If the same sample is playing on several different tracks (or several times in the same track) then several different lines i guess =)

…and similarly to the stop button behaviour, hitting stop twice could clear them…?


+1! Brilliant use of what’s given in renoise 3 - sample and pattern editor visible simultaneously.

This should be thought further still - it’s not yet clear how exactly it should be implemented. (For example delt has mentioned some important points that should be considered.)

I also have a strange tingly feel of this behavior being possible to emulate via scripting… How about an updating sample selection covering the active row in pattern editor…?



Seem’s so useful now i think of it ^^