Waveform Scope

Renoise already have Track Scope and Master Scope.
An idea is to have a Waveform Scope where you can see the output signal like a wav file.
The waveform signal can be streamed horizontal from right to left.

Just like the Stillwell Schope:http://www.stillwellaudio.com/?page_id=26

This will be very handy if you are working with compressors or like to controll peaks with a limiter + you get a better visual control over your production.

been suggested before…

you can solo out a track though, so it would only be enabling control over the ‘zoom’ factor (pixels per millisecond or millisecond per pixel or whatever) of the built-in scopes if I’m not mistaken

I reviving this thread, because i think an inbuilt streamed horizontal waveform signalcould be useful. Similar like in fl studio. I currently use a plugin to archive this.

There’s a hidden option in the Config.xml (click on “Help” -> “Show the Preferences folder”, open Config.xml in a text editor) to set the scope window width in samples. -> “TrackScopeWidthInSamples” If you set it to a bigger amount like 4096 and disable "TrackScopeSnapToZero"you will get a moreWaveform alike display. It does not scroll though. Could add some easy configuration in the UI for this if it’s useful.

Oh nice, i tried this. Its a good start, but4096 seems a bit too small. Not enough to analyze the transients of kicks or drum loops. It renders the scope, when the buffer is full, right?

Here is a great freeware scope you can use beside Renoise, great if you have two monitors. It has three different monitors, xy graph (phase view), oscilloscope and frequency view. You can adjust speed, amplitude, log/lin curves, hold time for the phase view and so on. Works with all my audio drivers.