Weird Cloning Behaviour In Pattern Matrix

I dunno if this is a bug or deliberate, but I sure find it weird.
To replicate:

  1. make sure Ppttern matrix is not focussed
  2. Highlight two (or more) rows of patterns
  3. Press the keyboard shortcut for “clone selection”
  4. Only one row is in fact cloned (I think it’s the bottom one), and not whatever you selected

Is this expected behaviour for a non-focussed pattern matrix? Because it makes no sense.

Edit: horrible spelling fixd

So what is focused?

Where? The Sequence Editor? That is all I can think if you are saying Matrix isn’t focused.

Strangly Ctrl+K by default is Clone Selection in Matrix and Clone Selected in Sequence. Personally I make it Clone Selection in both in my Preferences. It is also Clone Current if you have Pattern Editor focused.

So yes it is expected behaviour and not a Bug.

Unfortunately there is no Clone Pattern Selection available from having Focus in the Pattern Editor. I guess you’d have to have both a Clone Sequence Selection. And a Clone Matrix Selection as otherwise people are going to get confused. The we can get Ctrl+K working same in most areas.

The pattern editor was in focus, and this explains the behaviour. I did not know about Clone Current in the pattern editor.
While I agree with those of you who say that the way the Pattern Matrix stole the focus was annoying, I find that the new behaviour too messes with my workflow. I guess I should just try and get used to it.

EDIT: you see, you CAN highlight whatever you want in the Pattern Matrix even if it is not focussed. Hence the confusion.
You can in fact do many things without it taking the focus. It would be sweet if you could do everything you wanted in the pattern matrix without the pattern editor ever losing focus, but that might be very hard to implement.

i think you might want to read up on that particular discussion here:

You’ve always been able to highlight whatever you want wherever you want without changing focus! You can have a selection in Matrix, Sequence, Pattern Editor and Automation all on screen at the same time. Focus is for the Keyboard, the Mouse is an entirely separate entity!

I guess I should try and use the keyboard more. It’s better for my hands anyway. So: ctrl+tab and ctrl+shift+tab.

Yeah, I know. I think I just want Renoise to understand, through magic or machine-to-person mind reading, what area I am currently working on, without me having to perform extra clicks to shift its attention there.

Could keyboard focus change based on where the mouse pointer is hovering? I think that would be ideal for me.

It’s all about [To Keep Or Revert?] Matrix Blocks Dont Respond To Keys Anymore? . Let’s continue the discussion there please

I keep out of that as I have Lock Keyboard Focus Off (and Single Click Navigation off so it doesn’t annoy me when going back to Pattern Editor) but I would still like to see the two shortcuts I have suggested above. Would be nice to be able to Clone from Pattern Editor anyway ;)