Weird Keyboard / Tab Problem Still There (Mac Os X)

I thought I read somewhere that this issue was resolved, but it seems it remains :(

I’m running latest OS X 10.6.8 and Renoise 2.7.2

Anyone else still having this problem?

We’ll try to take another look at this.

In the meantime, you can find some tips here:

Thanks, will do.

As a detail, I’m using a macbook with external monitor + keyboard/mouse. This is how I have my setup most of the time. I can’t recall I have seen this problem when using the laptop only, but of course that’s not as often so it just might be a coincidence.

I’ve gotten the endless-tab bug only on macbookpro keyboard, not my ext.usb.keyboard.

Unfortunately I just got this problem only using my Macbook with no external devices at all.
Also it doesn’t seem to be random “when it’s there”. I can start / quit Renoise as many times I want now and the bug is there every time. I thought I’d try to login/logout. So I closed all applications running: Firefox, VLC and Audium. Just before logging out i started Renoise one last time and BOOM, the bug was gone.