What Am I Doing Wrong (Filter Cutoff Lfo''S)

Hi, here is my attempt at making the correct sound for a dubstep wobble bassline:


(you have to wait thirty secs then click the link at the bottom of the page)

i think the actual sound is o.k, but i think that my technique for making it is wrong (the mixer screen is very full of LFO’s).
is the technique used in the file above correct? is there a better way?

4 square waves: 1 tuned, 2 -0.25cents, 3 +0.25cents, 4 -0.5cents (dentuned using the pitch envelope).

LFO’s on each track cycling at 32(lines per cycle), 16 lpc, 8 lpc and 4 lpc to control low pass filter cutoff.

A really low sine with LFO’'s controlling volume (32 lpc,16 lpc,08 lpc and 4 lpc).

then, i switch between the different LFO’s and different detunings to create different rhythms and timbres.

(sorry if ive been posting here too much recently…im really going at it this week trying to get my head around the more in-depth features of renoise). thankyou everyone here for helping me out A LOT!!! nice one!!

Overcomplicating things duder. You can automate LFO frequencies or if you want to use the commandlines to automate, dblue has posted a nice trick to do that too. :)

OK, think I’m almost there, is this right?



Yes that’s what I meant.

And for the sound of the bassline itself…here is a topic about it: Dubstep Bass Synth HF & GL! ^_^

nice one bro!!! this is gonna help me out so much…cant wait to get making some heavy basslines