What do 3.3 really needs…

That’s not the way to do it IMO. Just add rotary dials to the instrument list, clicking the midi box next to an instrument name would mute it (and show an x in it), alt clicking it would solo it. rotary dials for volume and pan would go on the far right. no need to to waste so much screen estate by adding a whole mixer section at the bottom.

I beg to differ because it breaks the separation of concern principle.

Also, a given instrument may be used in many tracks with many effects and levels configurations. The volume knob in instrument panel is just there for gain staging (ie pre-mixing), not for mixing

If you notice the way I did the picture, it’s simply a tab in the bottom window we have already with a mini mixer in it. First and second tabs for track fx and automation, third tab for mini-mixer.

Also, someone was asking about being able to see levels while they’re viewing the pattern editor (like in OctaMED) - this would not only make that kind of thing feasible cuz you get meters but being able to do simple level corrections while editing multiple channels is useful. Additionally, these naturally would be master track faders after fx, something which your solution would not do either.

Beyond my own wishes, I vote for VST3 support!!
(This thread needs a poll, right?)


Come to think of it, there is one (probably straightforward) huge time saving feature:

In Bitwig, much like in Renoise, you can see all the automation parameters in the plugin chain for VSTs. However, the first fader/knob in the plugin chain automatically changes to whatever you are using in the GUI.

This has saved me ungodly hours of searching through pages of params when I need to find the Q filter or threshold for frequency band 12 in say Pro-Q. Just fiddle with the thing I want to change, and it appears at the top of the automation parameters in the plugin chain. If something like that could be implemented in Renoise it would make handling plugins with dozens of pages of parameters much faster

@Shane_Turner there are actually tools for that.

For example this tool has the functionality you might be looking for with it’s “G” Button (I think, not sure, not used it myself yet):


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Oh great, I gotta check that out later thanks!

audio rate modifiers , actual phase modulation/FM synthesis etc , etc…


expansion on the native DSPs

for one example, a filter parameter on the delay DSP

Have you played around with the Multitap Delay?

It has a built-in filter and functions just like the standard Delay device if you silence taps 2-4 (by setting their Input Source levels to -INF).

Be sure to hit the [>] button on the device to show all of its parameters, in case you hadn’t noticed them yet.


Was not aware, thanks for the info :+1:

Vst3 would make lotz of us very happy.:cowboy_hat_face:


Ok, we are all einig, we need vst3.
Ich mag reason 11, but i use nur renoise yet, auch wenn i pay 250€ to reason 11 Suite. Now i want to use the reason devices inside renoise.

So i dont know what we need else.

Maybe for people, welche piano roll want to use:
There is in downside a Button for automation. In this section can build a piano roll Button, that works the same way like automation in the unteren window.

An sonsten ist das Programm perfekt

I would like to get Reason, too, but I already have lots of VSTis, so now I decided to deep dive Falcon 2 instead. Surely Reason comes with awesome presets, rex loops and so on, is modular. Falcon is VST2.4 only though, but supports MPE!

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I would like to have the automation on a continuos lane
Going to every pattern to automate stuff over multiple lines it’s a bummer and also add an option to right click automate parameter when writing the values to pattern it’s not enabled


yeah, but at that stage what I’m really doing actually is quick gain staging imo and not really mixing. Also for quick adjustments it’s better to have to least amount of screen space to travel and to move up and down over rotary dials in the instrument list way quicker than having to horizontally traverse the screen + you’re taking away screen space. But it’s a matter of preference, I prefer things to be as fast (least amount of clicks, screen space to travel) as possible.

Mostly would like to see usability improvements:

  • being able to copy patterns with strg+c/v in the advanced instruments tab from one instrument to another
  • being able to quickly write a pattern Z-command to a row by simply clicking the pattern number in the instrument box
  • non overdub loop recording
  • having an option to turn of step advancement when entering a note, so hitting a note won’t advance the editor, but pressing up and down will advance it with the set number of steps
  • midi out for redux and configureable pattern triggering zones in addition to midi program change (C-2 to C-1 or C-8 to C-9)

But Renoise is great at the moment really so not that many wishes

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Turning off step advancement:
Below the pattern you are editing there is an icon of little arrow next to three rectangles and a number next to it - you can set this number to 0 (zero) or press CTRL+0 to effectively turn off step advancement.

yes but you have to turn it back on every time you want to move to another line using the arrow keys, so it doesn’t really make a difference if you turn it back off and on or just always go back up to the line you just entered a note to make a change. it’s the same amount of keys pressed.

Really not a fan of Ableton here but no matter where you are in there, you can search using crtl+f, arrow down to what you want and implement it with enter. That’s a pretty fast way to get stuff