What does it take to get banned?

Is there any quality control in this forum?Will any of the admins take action for EatMe behavior or will you let him continue insulting everybody?

As far as I know forum (in general) is a place when people discuss (using freedom of speech). Since music tastes may be vary and everyone may like different styles of music, the same rule should be applied to posts you don’t like. You may think his posts are not good enough, but after all it’s just your opinion. On some forums some people thinks that person who have greater number of posts (or being member for longer time) has more rights than newbie, and trying to use that “power” instead of arguments in discussion. Well, I don’t know what great offenses he has committed in your opinion, but in my opinion general freedom of speech (standard in civilized societies) is more important than your bad mood.

  • different opinion is okay, so is the taste of music.
  • claiming that something is not music - just because it doesn’t meet your personal preference is not okay
  • direct insulting is not okay
  • offtopic replies (more than few) (i personally consider) not okay. Why? because imagine someone new coming to the forum and visiting topic “how to do a sidechain compression”, expecting to read effectively about how to do it, so he can make it work in his new tune. He therefore reads the replies about a lot of nonsense meanwhile - while still not getting to the point of his initial search.

No one forbids you to create any sort of topic and write anything you want in it…
Do not act victim, please.


So freedom of speech for you is insulting and being rude to others?This is a typical troll answer trying to make the one that has no fault to look bad.Are you and EatMe related cause you seem to have the same mindset?

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Where I was being rude? Do I inslult you? I’m just answering, even if your post is about other person, because the louder someone tells about trolling, the more probably is that he is a troll himself. How rude is to demanding banning anyone? Yes, demading - you even threatened that if some admin do not ban EatMe, you will stop visiting this forum. How rude is using that type of arguments? I was really calm, even confirmed that I started unnecessary offtopic, but your behaviour is way below any standards.

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Anybody on this forum ‘related’ to Renoised?

I didnt say you were being rude the comment was about EatMe.You are defending a guy that haw been rude here in the forum numerous times and nobody did anything about it.

That’s a core part of the concept, yes. You do not try to ban, silence or censor opinions which you find offensive and dispicable. Whether you’re for or against freedom or speech is of course for you to decide.

I don’t know EatMe person and I don’t even know his posts. Why should I? Does anyone who disagrees with stoiximan have to be related?

Ok it was my mistake to create this topic from now on i will stick to the flag button

That’s just nonsense. “probability” is irrelevant and the hallmark of people who are either too dishonest to not spin sophistry, or too stupid. if you think being rude is great, then maybe not make claims that would make any intelligent child howl with laughter.


What is the point of your post?
If I say that probably I’ll go to the cinema in next few days, that doesn’t mean I want to calculate probability.
And I never said that rude is great (or, if I do - tell me where).

so, you argument someone’s offenses with insulted’s party ‘bad mood’ or - freedom of speech?

just look at your reply above and you have an answer

here you imply that @stoiximan is trolling

and here you say that you didn’t mean anything by ‘guessing’ that…


Leave @stoiximan and @EatMe settle this, because this is their relation only. We should stay aside, and put all the nonsense aside, because we do not know how they feel, and the ‘whole relation’ - so to say…


Sorry for the delay. To be honest XTD I don’t know. One thing I’ve learned is handling people (and on a forum) is certainly a skill in itself. You keep writing your music :slight_smile:

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It’s just your (wrong) assumption that I do that. I argument that demanding ban for user and writing things like “or I leave this forum” is not right.

Not really. Look yourself and quote me when I saw that being rude is great.

If he starts this topic especially to force ban some user, then what should I think? That he is a nice person who use only power of arguments?

Maybe stop guessing what I did or didn’t mean, because apparently you failing.

People should defend others from being attacked. History teaches us that.

Cheers. And please, do not try to imply what I said or what I thought.

Or maybe next time we’ll talk without quotes, using full sentences. I know it’s easier this way, but we should still talk and not review someone else’s post.

my last reply since you continue to write nonsense… (freedom of speech, remember)

if you do not know the whole story - how can you claim if someone is being attacked or not? or defend someone that might did harm previously? so you see only the ‘react attack’ and defend the bad party here?

-or claim anything in that sense?

i think the best way is to help them settle this down, not escalate it and choose between team A and team B…

You’re right there - I don’t know. I only saw last post of EatMe and reaction to it.
And based on that - reaction was unproportional huge. But after all - I don’t know what EatMe wrote before. But I think its still too much to ask moderators to ban anyone that way.

sorry i cannot resist

what about freedom speech? is it too much now? :smiley:

and how can you claim that reaction is huge if you do not the initial action that caused the reaction? again you make assumptions based on -WHAT exactly? :slight_smile:

I never say that OP can’t wrote his post with ban request. He CAN, but he shouldn’t. Still freedom of speech, right? His opinion, my opinion, everyone else’s opinion etc.

If someone starts a topic in which they demand a ban, it’s not my job to look for evidence, it’s the OP’s job to present that very bad posts of EatMe and prove that he deserves ban.

Nobody has to be banned, nothing happened. There’s just a random guy who’s calling other people’s work awful (yes, I saw that), not being music or he’s calling the general public a troll group, which means everybody is a troll, even if EatMe doesn’t know anybody. So what? This can’t be taken seriously. :wink:

But there are a few words I have to say to EatMe, because he said that shortly after my post:

Who is “they”? I never talked to you before.

You mean everbody who’s posting is a troll, if he doesn’t have exactly your opinion and your personal understanding of music?

Says who?

Good for you. What have you achieved because of your 24 years of studying music? Being short on money? Impressive. And who needs 24 years to study, regardless of the topic? And by the way, you don’t need to study to create great music, because music is about feelings and not about some music theories. Look around! Most succesful musicians have studied shit. Why? Because they’re interested, have talent and, most importantly, a feeling for music. It’s about feelings. Period. No theories needed. Just one rule: If it sounds good, it sounds good. That’s it. :slightly_smiling_face: