What feature are you hoping for in upcoming Renoise releases?

This! A list in a floating window showing all FX and instrument instances with their CPU usage would help in many occasions.

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better handling of import multi-sampled instruments

if you have 10 kicks with different velocity, in bitwig you only have to hold shift, and 10 kicks will be distributed on the same key - with according velocity match…

visual aspect of this is also superrior in bitwig - you do not have overlapping layers like in renoise.
If you have 5 sounds layered on same key - it’s not possible to select any layer - except using the sample list tab…

Most most most important for me (and for you, too) is the proper parallel / dry/wet / left/right / mid/side multi purpose container device that Taktik has in the making, because he is missing it so much. Not some nerdy, very special detail change that 0,0001% of humanity care for.


this is one of the thing i wrote like 10 times… and i think everyone would benefit… waaaay more than my last reply (which was about sample import) :slight_smile:


Agreed so let’s repeat it even more, so Taktik realizes what he is missing. The implementation in Ableton is nice imo. Also having an official taktik approved sidechain receiver device would be great, or simply placing sends into groups.



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both ableton and bitwig have the same thing (audio fx rack in ableton and fx layer in bitwig)… :slight_smile:

grouping sends would be neat, but i still mostly use the signal follower + eq/gainer for more control… rather than i aim for sidechain - or it’s just a habit :smiley:

i was free to create petition, feel free to join so we can show Taktik how much we love Renoise! :stuck_out_tongue:


Really nice, I signed!

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FIRE AN EVENT “PluginManager::MISSING_PLUGIN_EVENT” so one could make this a tool, some popup window with direct link to the plugin.

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A year or two ago it was a nice-to-have, but it’s popping up more and more in modern VSTs.


MPE would be great, be requires heavy reconstruction of pattern/note logic in Renoise (a.k.a. no midi pitchbend per note possible in data).

Also some ideas for easy to implement improvements, little workflow improvements which would give a better daily comfort experience:

Improvement of the plugin DSP popup list (easy to implement)

  • Add a “sticky on/off” button, so it does not close, if you click outside. So you still can switch tracks to put plugins elsewhere. Sticky is remembered in Renoise config.
  • Allow dragging onto the pattern view onto tracks, so it will be added as last plugin in the track.
  • Once the list can stay sticky, allow to only have the “MORE” button in -90 degrees rotated in the dsp lane, and nothing more.
  • Add shortcut for “open dsp list popup”. Once this was added, allow to completely remove the dsp list from dsp lane (more space).
  • Remember node open statuses, so once you closed the VST2 and AU node, the next time you open the dsp list, these nodes still are closed! (can’t be saved in the plugin database, but instead in Renoise config. So it needs to be updated each plugin scan or so)
  • Remember scroll position, too! So it simply looks exactl the same as you left it before. A small reset button might be useful then.
  • Improve search field, so if you enter “ozone dynamics” it will find “ozone 8 dynamics” and “ozone 6 dynamics” etc. So splitting search term into single words and generate a query with AND LIKE %term%.
  • Allow to hide root nodes, e.g. “AU”. Remembered in Renoise config.

Improvement of the plugin DSP popup list (more heavy implement)

  • Add color tags, which already are visible in the list, e.g. coloring the background of the entry. Colors/tags are defined in renoise config, with a name. for example “freeware”, “good”, “buggy”. etc
  • Use the same logic list for instruments, so not three different lists.
  • Allow drag n drop including scrolling to top/button, so plugin organisation gets much more easy.

A way to ‘NOT’ ignore loop markers when you press enter to play a sample from the current selected position. If you use qwerty, it plays the sample from the beginning.

Like Shift/ctrl/cmd/alt/opt+Enter. Or add a loop button next to the play button in the sampler waveform view. So that you can select to ignore, or play the loop. Would make it much easier to tune your loops.


right now projects get super messy if you do a lot of parallel processing with sends…


I agree - adding clever ways to loop or not loop song patterns is an easy win that makes Renoise awesome for another popular workflow

Warp markers for sample manipulation. Beatsync is good but warp markers like in Ableton would be really handy for intuitive and more visually interactive sample manipulation.


do we know of taktiks short/mid term plans? I somehow feel with vst3 being done that he might choose to work on other projects again since renoise is in a pretty stable and complete state for a tracker.

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i do not get the intention behind this action, but oka :smiley:

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I wrote nonsense, was misinterpreting the forums bot actions.


Native Wayland support, maybe enabled via a command-line switch, would be outstanding.

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Clone Pattern with only Active Tracks button; like in mt2.