What feature are you hoping for in upcoming Renoise releases?

fx layer device (found in Bitwig in Ableton as well)

  • ability to create parallel chains within the single mixer track. With the dedicated solo and mute buttons, and volume for each chain. (Bitwig FX Layer device is great to take a look at)

VST3 support.

After reading another thread it looks like this is happening!!

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i would like to see xjadeo implementation if possible - like in ardour/mixbus, so we can finally compose for video at ease.

Multi selection of DSP lanes, reflected in the API

I would like to suggest multi selection of DSPs in the dsp lane and mixer view, reflected in the API. This would make a lot of new tools possible. You can already somehow emulate multi selection of DSPs in the api, but it will be ugly.

Route midi / note data to the fx chains


Then we could put VSTis into the FX chain, setup a whole instrument setting including fx, and parallel routing and then put it into a preset. Also then you could trigger multiple instruments at once with a single note. The abstraction layer instrument / fx chain could be used with its full potential.

As a bonus, the whole VSTi/VST layer could be activated for Redux, too!


ARM support in Linux (pi400)


Couple ideas:

  1. Ix and Ox in the Volume Column without the 10x multiplier (similar to U and D in MT2’s volume column).
  2. Use Ctrl+Shift+I (nice feature btw) on selected region, not just the whole column.

Thanks for Renoise!

Init CC on load :slight_smile: - did a post on it here: Init midi CC on song load

There will be a ton of new hardware trackers on Kickstarter if that happens :slight_smile:


For heavy VST users like me what would be cool is :

  1. Freeze track feature (I know there was a tool for that), or a way to render VST instruments to sample INCLUDING the effects (instruments effects or track effects).
  2. Tool to see CPU consumption and latency for each VST instrument/effect
  3. That send tracks could be put anywhere

Thanks to the developers for keeping Renoise alive!

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1st - less cpu usage
2nd - less cpu load
3rd - less cpu usage
4th - " "
5th - " "
6th - imply the WASAPI (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/samples/microsoft/windows-universal-samples/windowsaudiosession/)- in enhanced mode. So no Windows user will ever comply, that he can`t use Renoise, while looking at his favourite videos.


Graphically view the sample in the modulator envelopes ( viewing post modulation result would be cool )



Is there a way for your vst folder to start out as everything closed when u open it ? That would make it alot more transparant.


Perhaps scriptable?

I know I have seen it thrown out there before, but multiple song Templates would be pretty useful. I think I saw a Tool for this but would still like to see it as a native option. Such a trivial thing yet very useful, at least for the way I work.

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Redux user.

-Velocity to sample playback start position.
-LFO snapshot recall via macros.
-Native support for more instrument formats. E.g. sf2. or to be able to reuse Remorse tools on Redux.

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I want Renoise to implement better quasexual modulation of fx.

Something I have been thinking about since using Sends a lot more.

“Soloing a Send track would switch all send devices routed to it to Mute source (if not already) and not mute the tracks themselves, so you would just hear the effects on the Send track.”

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I’ve been waiting for this. I think it would not be very difficult to implement. Meanwhile I’m using @Ledger’s Send Mixer. I really recommend it!


Visual feedback for eq embedded in the device (like in bitwig or other daws). The eq curve is displayed, so why not the two signals (without / with eq) ?



side chain input in ring modulator