What is the best way to use swing in renoise on a vst?

What is the best way to use swing in renoise on a vst?
So not on a sample but triggering a vst?
Are there any good plugins for this that add swing inside the track/pattern.
Without changing speed using the codes.

Thank you for your help.

Just to share a way, not sure about best way; i’m not a heavy vst user.

“Triggering a vst”

Ok, so when triggering a vst from Renoise you are using Renoise sequencer,
ZTxx or Global Groove work well for applying swing in this case.

“Plugins that add swing”

Plugins with built in sequencers, often, can add swing, independent of Renoise and effect codes.
As for “good plugins”… Arturia Acid V is has a really good sequencer for this.


See this topic I’ve written about modulating triggering

The other method is to understand both LPB and delay in unity to vary the triggered key via triplet/5-tuplet (bad at music terms).

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Just use the delay column, thats how i do it with a VST synth. It has benefits, you can apply varying swing over the course of a pattern, you can control it very precisely so it fits whatever groove you want with a resolution of 256 per step from 00 to FF and finally I like to use it with note-offs to end the note exactly when i want - e.g. FF will cut the note right before the next line.