What is the most wanted feature you would like ?

If, for priority, you had to make one choice what would it be ?

Automatization of vsti via graphical selection (it can´t be hard, we have tool that shows name of parameter when we click on it, so automatic creation of instr. aut. and assignation would be enough. Should work directly with macros also…) or mighty native modular synth.


More phrasess command that influence their playback.


Audio track, simple timescretch, moving etc.

Can not decide just for one, sorry :rolleyes:
But if i have to select one in your “menu” it is audio track for now.

Zoomable pats combined with arranger “clips”. And the sample note aligner i’ve suggested.

However, the new instrument features also make me long for native synth (sample generator).

routing guys… midi and audio… if you not able please just give up… Happy new years…

I have always wondered why people want zoomable patterns .
Isn’t the lpb setting and note delay enough ?
I only see the benefit of zoomable patterns for people who work at a very low bmp or lpb .
Shed some light here

Integrated modular synthesizer, as we are almost there already:
Add internal oscillators right next to samples, make routing between
the DSPs a little more “convenient” (as in: parallel),
raise (instrument) LFOs beyond 20Hz and thats almost it I think.

Secondary for me: piano roll, due to visual feedback w.r.t. note pitches.

PS: One reason for native oscillators is the aliasing you easily get with
hand drawn waveforms which can get nasty. Also is unison a little hard to
create just using samples.

+1 synth
actually +1 oversampling, ifft, wavetables (not creating them myself) or anything that would improve the instruments sound

shut up lala :D

this feels like a good occasion to post my annual wishlist (too bad list entries are always increasing, but never decreasing throughout the last updates):
(sorted by priority)

  • substantial support for dual monitor setups (e.g. mixer view pinned to secondary screen)
  • proper native audio/midi routing (so this is what i voted, obviously)
  • automatable loop points
  • auto-assign mode for automation-device parameters (dial knob in vsti gui => define automation parameter in instr. automation device)
  • LFO buffing (e.g. increasing freq. beyond 20hz)
  • improvements on various internal fx (filter, compressor, maximizer)
  • audio tracks
  • .mid import as note data (…and not only as full song, renders the feature of many VSTi superflous)
  • a native subtractive softsynth

apply the above to renoise 2.81 and the dev team can retire (at least for as long as industry standards like OS and VST do not change) :)

gentle , maybe you have seen the flash mockup of zoomable patterns? I’m on cell now . It could constitute a proper arranger and substitute the PM. By this it would also make new features feasable on an arranging level. Basically, imo Renoise could go either this way or towards horiz arranging (incl piano roll). I find the former very powerful and consistent with a vertical interface.

Dreamstation II has a zoomable pattern editor that might be also interesting to have a look at.

shut up lala :D

Ok first post since many month, but why the hell it’s still no automation loop points!!! Is it so tricky to implement?

i’m very happy about the v3.0 more oriented to samples processing but if there’s something blatantly missing it is controling loop points per samples and a good audio timestretch integrated in sample area (am i the only one seriously?)

To Finish, why not gather enveloppes automation and sample in one window?

well, out of these, audio tracks. i think it is time renoise should do multi-track recording :P

but feature i most want, you’ve not listed. modular effect + instrument routing.

i’m sure they’ll come in time.


Renoise OS, multiscreen support.


iv got an idea…everyone pays 5 euro to the new crowdfunding site for renoise features and we get internal midi routing ok?

Detach, move, resize anything.

I’m actually asking myself if the zoomable pattern is a priority since you can define smaller events through the new phrase edition system…
The “native synth” would lead us to infinite frustrations… Maybe if taktik revamps the code of the old noisetrekkr synth we could start from somthing…
I’d rather ask some lightling fast LFOs instead.

The new surprises for the 3.1 release could be :

  • sliceable vertical audiotracks with “native” timestreching-warping between slices OR
  • HTRF 3D sound support - get the picture ?, renoise 3 goes 3D with 3d sounds and new 3D isometric scopes !