What is the most wanted feature you would like ?

Yes, but then a virtual midi keyboard will also help out here, still a drag to swap between Renoise and the virtual keyboard constantly. But i can understand dragging along a midi keyboard on the bus or train to hook to your laptop doesn’t seem very efficient either.

I’d really like to see support for LV2 plugins, that would make my work a lot easier.

The longer I think about it:
what I really don’t understand about the new Release:

  • why no general multi monitor support: especially for the mixer ?
  • why can only macros be connected to automation lanes and other modulators (vol, pitch) not ?
  • It’s nice that automation lanes are zoomable now, but I’d really like to see more than one lane without switching between them. Would make adjustments so much easier.
  • why no automatable loop points ? C’mon guys this is a must !

None in the list, for I’d really NEED the thing a lot of people have been asking for: Reattachable/movable windows for the mixer view, pattern editor, sample editor, pretty much every major window should be movable to a desired position. Using two monitors (not to mention using three monitors!) is still awkward and slows things down from time to time. I was happy when the rec-window was changed years ago (record window was force centered), now I’m hoping for the same to happen with at least the mixer view. If it’s even possible.

Pattern Matrix for Ableton :wink:

Could you use the ‘Sync all notes in group’ tool?

That’s what I use to connect two or more instruments together, a really nice tool.

  1. Font size adjustment for the rest of the interface (as opposed to just the pattern editor). Even on a 60" plasma screen, that font can wear your eyes out.
  2. Sample timestretch/warp like…well, Ableton. The ability to auto-map a vocal or beat to fit any BPM and then be able to insert slice points to trigger from (which we can already do)…that would be epic.
  3. Remote drone control whoops, wrong list.

Easy choise for me.


forget it, this will never happen! i suggest using kontakt :wink:

going to have to redistribute my vote to midi routing after recent image line developments…
still, I hold the idea of a modular synth dear as well.

Why would that never happen?

Can we pin this thread to keep it accessible ?

I would put serious money on “keyjazz on selection of sample”.
Like I once suggested here Play Selection In Sample Editor

Hell yeah who’s +1 my idea? :)

Thank you!!!

I just want to add whatever juice I can to the idea of audio time stretching in the sample editor. I think it would go a long way towards making Renoise feel “user friendly” if people could drop their favorite sound file in and Renoise would know the tempo and how to stretch it to the beat without changing pitch. The best thing about Renoise is how fast my workflow is generally, and syncing samples is by far the most awkward part of working in the tool.

RMS metering in the spectrum would be a great tool. And a sort of statistic in sampler for peak and rms would be a mighty. …sure there are other plug ins but it still would be supercool to have it intergrated to spectrum etc.

Tough to say 1 feature, probably audio routing but I really want to see Renoise up to par technically with other DAWs out there.

Routing of MIDI to/from VST effects.

Routing of audio to VST FX with extra inputs (compressors, vocoders, etc).

A resize feature in advanced edit

I miss the option a nice workflow, what i create in 5 minutes in madtracker takes hours in Renoise.
I can’t get used to Renoise somehow. And a question can i turn of the matrix patterns on the left? very irritating, in other words can i adjust renoise in a way that i have my total screen only with the pattern section. So also no instrument settings etc at the bodem? And is there a way that every track is loaded at the same volume?

nice workflow isn’t a clickable option anywhere, it takes time learning something new. You will need dedication and patience. You should start with reading the manual, there are options to show/hide gui elements (like the pattern matrix), and you can save screen presets et cetera.

If you’re trying to recreate madtracker in Renoise, I think you are wasting your time and missing out on the potential of things like the pattern matrix, ideal for quickly rearranging, cutting/pasting pattern tracks.

there are already tools for doing this: http://www.renoise.com/tools/rubberband-timestretch-pitch-shift