What Is Your Favourite Effect In Renoise?

Hi there just wondering what is your favourite effect in renoise? fairly partial to ye olde 03xx myself, just curious to what folks are into!

Set channel volume? That’s your favourite effect? :P


I am a huge 09xx abuser


favorites are E01 & E02 :P

0exx :D

the entire beat arsenal of coarse


09 < junglist standard!!

Lately I’ve begun to use b00 and b01 (combined with 9xx) on the bass drum in virtually all percussion tracks I made, very fun. dxx I also use a lot.

Hmm, maybe we should make a habit of formulating posts so that newbies can understand them, too - but not at 4:40 am sorry o_O

Oh, and I wish 0xx (arpeggio) would be usable with high speeds or configurable in a way, so chalk that up for suggestions/bug reports/string theory kthxbyeplz?

I think adding a constant post of new tricks would be sweet and would open up different approachs to making music! :P

Dblue as sad as it sounds I think ye olde 03xx is areally handy effect for keeping a beat nice and tight and for slicing off litle bits of pieces, a bit dull I know but I use it lots! I find some of the effects don’t work as well at high bpms at speed 3, say bpms around 320+ any tips on effects that work well at high speeds? :P

I have no favorite effect in particular. I have favorite results though…

I use Dx, volume and MIDI-CC commands regularly, but I don’t have any preefrred effect: you should always tend to discover new techniques and explore new genres: having a preferred “magical” effect just tends to keep you making always the same things.

My favourite effect in Renoise must be the future sidechainer, that Taktik will hopefully implement one sunny day. =)

couldn’t agree more with mr. asgary.
how can there be a favourite effect?
it always depends on what results you’re after in the respective song + situation. take the sample offset command for example, it’s not really an “effect” as it’s merely one way to achieve a certain result.
but it’s of course cool if you guys have your favourite parameters - not my intention to spoil the fun. ;)

In terms of frequency of use i guess it’d be retriggering and reversing. I use so many vsts / external stuff now i barely have use for the sample effects other than drums.

come on! give away your secret weak spot :D
if you think in of it in a more grounded way, the effect that gives you
tremendous satisfaction when you hear the result.
there must be a command that gives you more joy when you listen back to it.

i especially loves the way 0exx “r-r-r-r and grindes” on the tracks.

d0x = note delay

make it funky ;D

You like d0x 'cause you can wield it properly, so actually it is the result that is your favorite.

Totally, I’m with keith303. There was a period of time when I had lost my way, and the tracker had become my GOAL, not my TOOL. I had many favorite effects then. Gradually I came to the point that the tracker is my TOOL, and this is the music that is my GOAL… and a good music (result) can be created when all effects and … are used properly together.

but it’s not the result that is the topic here, but “What Is Your Favourite Effect In Renoise”
and i just say that i like the “effect” i get when using 0d0x (delay note) in my songs.
did i get this wrong?

Absolutely not; and no one has. I just emphasized my own opinion, didn’t ignore yours. Having one favorite effect just seems irrational to me. That’s all. :)

i can see it your way to, i am just a bit overprotective these days. :unsure:
Get the point. solly man.

i’ts full moon outside, i get a bit irrational this time of the month. :blink:

me too :D

didn’t sleep too well this night either…