What Is Your Most Powerful Pattern Effect Command?

Hi, as I haven’t really been using the pattern effect commands at all (really) over the years, I’d really like to know, what do you out here consider to be the most powerful pattern effect commands?

I know 0B00 is pretty wicked cool (Sample Command->Play Sample Backwards/Forwards) but would like other views on this subject also :)

0E02 and 0E03 are quintessential. :drummer:

Do you like to cycle between them? Like, ----, 0e02, 0e03 then maybe 0e02 or ---- , i.e. are these the ones you like using?

As I mainly work with samples, I use the pitching commands (2XY, 1XY) maybe too often, a little bit of arpeggio values on looped sounds and maybe a 4XY to cut of a sound here and there and also a good amount of E re-triggering. I mainly put in note-off’s for gating purposes, but that isn’t really a command now is it? :) Should dive deeper in some of the other ones and try out B00 for a change.

i use the 02xx and 01xx (pitch) commands a lot, as i enjoy letting the melody flow.

i also make heavy use of the Ex command (in vol-pan-dly column). it is a bit different in behavior than the 0Exx command (in the effects column) and i like the Ex behavior and sound best. i use this command to, for example, stretch out the endings of sounds (catch the final tone in the Ex loop by doing a whole bunch of lines with E3/E9/EA or whatever sounds good), fucking up beats, fucking up sounds, stretching out entire sounds (try a full pattern of E3 with, for example, a voice sample), and whatever surprise-effects Renoise comes up with.

also use the 09xx command a lot, but (aside from drums) mostly for adjusting sample start etc, so not very acrobatically most of the time.

B0/B1 command (again, in vol-pan-dly column, but does not make a difference, sound-wise) to either just reverse stuff or to play some B0-B1 pingpong to stretch out a sample.

I like most of the cammands, but i think 09xx is the most powerful one because you could make a large range of effects with it if you use it creatively.

I mostly use the retrigger, glide to note, vibrato, pitch up/down, and reverse commands.

I’ve got to say that the 09 command is my favorite and yes,if used creatively,it can bring great results.Then I also love 02 01 and 0B but I think that all the command pattern fx are equally powerful:)I’m just getting familiar with Renoise…

Combine Amens, vocal snippets, and distorted single cycle basses in a large bowl.

Mix in 80hz heavy EQ cream… Pitch ingredients as desired.

Set oven to 09xx, 0B00, 0Exx, for 5 minutes.

Spoon servings of drum and bass out to the massives…

Serves 0-255 guests.


0cxx -to cut synths

This is for something other than LPB4, right? ;)

Those are basically just the ones I like using, I don’t really ever put them right next to each other.


Haha! No, I do use lpb4.

This kind of buzzy high-freq stuff really makes me happy. I use it mostly on hats, but on some snares too. Great for doing fills and getting some tonal variation in repetitive hi-hat lines.


a lot of pitch commands …whole Octaves 01c0 …02c0 …also a lot of volume slices
…great for gating effetcs etc…
Dsp on of …commands and ofcourse the 0900 command

For me the 09 effect is the whole point of Renoise.

stuff i barely ever use: 00xx(arp), 08xx(track pan), 0Axx(track surround) & 0Cxx(track vol).
all the rest is pretty much always (ab)used. :)

@vincentvc: good call doing ones you never use. instead of a separate thread, let’s add that to this one as well.

i never use: 04xx, 05xx, 06xx (use vol-column), 07xx, 03xx, 08xx, 0Bxx (use 0B in pan/vol/dly column), 0Cxx, 0Fxx.
if someone can enlighten and/or educate and/or enthuse me with a passionate monologue on any of the above, please do.

i have recently begun using the F000 command to stop the song at the end.

06xx and 07xx are much more smooth than using volume column tbh. I use them on drum sounds like rides and snares to create more natural feel.

Yep I use 06xx & 07xx a lot. A cool effect for example, if you use 07xx together with 09xx you can give the sample a cool gate-effect to some extend as well.
04xx is really sweet too, to cut in drums or make melodies more interesting.

0Fxx is nice, but yeah you can just use the Chorus DSP for that and get more possibilities too… :)

i have recently begun using the F000 command to stop the song at the beginning. that command drastically improved the relationship to my neighbours. -> definately the most powerful command.

but seriously, every command is powerful when used in the right scenario i think !?

yeh definitely.
though this topic is worth sharing some cool tricks for inspiration sake, perhaps. :)