What Kind Of Job Do You Have

Since most of you guys on here don’t make money with tracking and producing and whatnot, what do you guys do for a living? Even if it’s dull or lame or you just down right hate your job, what is your occupation? I’m just curious…well actually I’m at work right now and asking random questions like this is fun to me. I like to waste time through my shift on the forums here. So please indulge me. I myself work as a night auditor and receptionist at a hotel.

I kill people for a living. I love my job.

Actually, I’m a Research Fellow at the University of Bergen, Norway.

Killing people is just a hobby.

Broadcast Engineer (TV and Satellite.) As in studio, production facility and broadcast support, not installing TVs in your home or any BS like that.

Not too bad, as an occupation I’m glad I got into it. Although my company is quite respected (main satellite up/downlink company in Europe, do all the F1 and a lot of big sports and other events, as well as news etc) its bread and butter is providing horse and dog racing (including virtuals, WTF) to betting shops across UK, Europe and beyond. But then again I did used to work for QVC…

And to top it off my boss is a bit of a prized plum!

carpenter artisan student / part-time alcoholist / holiday hobo.
i live with the money support from government which is 425e per month.
my rent is 435e per month including water PLUS i got cellphone, internet & electricity bills to pay.
how i live?
well, basically im selling my ass…hehe

:yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

Well sir that is the oldest occupation known to man.

I manage my team at a Canadian card payments company - www.merchant-accounts.ca. We specialize in multi-currency merchant accounts and payment processing. On that note, when are the folks at Renoise going to get a proper merchant account? (Hint hint, nudge nudge)!

I am Prince Sadiq Abbas Abacha, son of the late President of Nigeria, General Sani Abacha. I have access and information to a substantial amount of money, running into millions of dollars which I want to invest Overseas.

Owing to numerous problems my family is having with the present government in Nigeria, I want you to be my partner so that you will give me cover. This government has frozen some of my late father’s bank account and seized high value landed properties acquired by my late father, so I need a foreign partner to act as a front for me in this investment.

I will provide the money, you will do the investment in your name and we will share the profit at an agreed ratio.

Please reply quickly if you are interested in this offer so that we shall negotiate your commission.

When I receive your reply, I will disclose to you where and how we shall get the money. Keep this business highly secret.


I sit in a front of a computer all day typing about some kind of problem, and then I go to a meeting about the problem, and then we solve it with more typing.

I’m a software engineer. I know about Oracle databases. It’s incredibly dull.

Web developer.

I am a programmer. Currently, I am developing custom solutions for the incredibily boring (and vast) Microsoft Dynamics NAV

I think it would be very interesting to add a poll to the top of this thread asking if your job has some aspect of computers / development / programming. It would seem that a huge vast majority would say yes!

i actually earn a few hundred every few weeks from music stuff. but thats not alot to live by! i work as a bartender at the camden roundhouse in london. free gig woo!

On The Rock n’ Roll


Coder. Onlineshops.

Graphic designer

programming print applications and such.

HEY! i rehearse w/my band at the roundhouse…!

I’ve worked dozens of different jobs, atm I’m temporarily retired looking out for something new again