What Renoise version is your song.

Need help, is there some kind of tool to see what Renoise version your track was made with, it would be a great option if you could see a bunch of tracks and their version.

Need this becouse some of my old tracks don’t open on some newer Renoise versions, used to hapen in the past as well, found out that those broken tracks still open on older Renoise version!

Here’s what i can come up with to help… the song (.xrns file) is actually a zip file. It contains a file called “Song.xml” - in this xml file, there’s a number at the top next to “RenoiseSong doc_version” …all i know is that number 37 seems to mean renoise 2.8.1 …maybe someone could write a conversion table?

Older (.rns) songs are in another format, and you can’t really extract the content. Anwyay, here’s my $0.02 =)

I asked the same question a while back with not much luck on an answer.

I tried to make a crossmap of Renoise versions going back to 1.8.0, but here’s the problem I came across:

When I realized that, I began to suspect that Betas and release candidates may also get their own version number.

Anyway I decided that it’s impossible to render each SDcompo entry on the exact version it was created, so I’ve settled for using the most recent Final version at the time the songs were submitted.

Also a little tip from Gilli who posted on our thread over at SDCompo, for older Renoise versions (pre 1.8):

Hope that helps a little bit anyway…

Thank you for your hints,i think i will have to check every ~2700 tracks manualy. Hope some day some one (i’m not to good at programing) will make a tool to check binary and display version automaticaly in renoise enviroment.

For now i do version numbering on my new track, but pitty that i didn’t know that 5 or 8 years ago that this will be nessesery.

Well in older format its in the first line (i just opened it with notepad or hex editor) so i managed to find those numbers, thanks for the hint, also i think i will save in each renoise version i used a dumy file and see what numers are on the begining of a line.


2700 tracks/!!! Dude, you are some kind of super robot computer tracker. I’m lucky to finish like 6 to 8 songs per year… :walkman:

Tracking for me was essencial part in my life when i was younger :)/>/>/>/>/>
Well, im working on many projects at once, also i’m into tracker music since 1997 used to make 1-2 complete compositions a day when i was 16 -18 , and i alwas save to diferent file every track to make shure i dont loose any of my ideas so its 1-4 files per track, so in reality there are fewer projects (hope some day i will count how many there are for real), but some times i need to acces older song version in case the new one is broken. But its just renoise, i have more on AXS, Ableton, fast tracker, buzz machine, reason.

in 2005 i stoped to make that much music due to lack of time, having to work, spending time with family, now i’m extremely slow, some times 1 complete track a year, but i still work on unfinished projects, there is many good unfinished works.

This one one of the last made on Renoise…

BTW, is there some where a full table of these numbers?

07 - 1.2
12 - 1.26
15 - 1.27
16 - 1.28 / 1.28.1
17 - 1.5
18 - 1.5.1 / 1.5.2

Not sure, I think Gilli probably mapped it out from loading up his own songs, but I’ll ask him to see if he knows any more

Hi all,
unfortunately I don’t know more than that. I could only see it when Renoise was displaying the version numbers upon loading.

I am willing to write a little tool that tells you the version number but:
1- I didn’t learn the lua scripting yet and I don’t know if we have enough file io capabilities to read the bytes from those old .rns files or if the framework offers access to the parsed number so we could display it on the screen.
2 - Especially if Renoise doesn’t load some older broken files you will most likely need a standalone parser anyway.
3 - Like I wrote, I’m not even sure whether the mentioned bytes really indicate a version number or not. If so, then I’d need to have a look-up table. If not, we’d need to know where to retrieve the version info from first and how. Then I could build a standalone binary for win32/linux32/linux64 . I’ve done something similar for SunVox once.

And to be fair, I’ve been kinda ‘out’ of the Renoise realm. So if there’s any other volunteer, you might reach your goal easier rather than waiting for a rusty man to cook something special.

Sorry not to be any more helpful so far but if I can do anything, I’ll try.

Thanks Gilli anyway :)