What Screen Resolution Do You Use?

Workin on a website right now, and I’ve got a serious lack of data in regards to current (ie: 2008/2009) browser resolution trends, especially in regards to higher resolutions. You guys wanna help out and give me and some other people some well needed data on the subject? Thanks =D

PS: if you use resolutions above 1920x1200, could you please post em in this thread?

1920 x 1200 with a 1280 x 1024 2nd screen.

I just wish I had 2x 30inches.

That’s what she said. ^_^

The poll asks for screen resolutions. However, in your post you ask for browser resolution trends - so the results could be misleading.

My primary screen is running 1920x1200, yet I feel much more comfortable using only half the width (at most) for one browser window.

I remember two or three years ago in school I learned that most people still use Internet explorer and 800x600. I know it sounds too shitty to be true, but she showed us some chart for for a web designing class. And since most people don’t understand computers and use the default settings, I’d believe it. So if you’re aiming at a more broad audience, take that into consideration.

I got curious and looked it up a little.


Seems looking at those stats (which I’d already seen, and are quite useless due to the lack of data above 1024x) that 800x600 is right out :P

I know the results will be misleading, but I want to know what the maximum I should design for to be in good measure for the next few years. The fact that so many people are now running 1920x1200 is in itself an indication that trends are changing. I’d like to be ahead of the curve. JBL is the one that prompted this, because I’d initially designed by website background for 1280x1024, and when he viewed it at 1920x1200, the background was wrapping. He then stated I was insane for starting this thread, but he brought up a valid point: Why be behind the curve when I can get ahead of it, and save myself some trouble down the road? I’d rather know what I’m dealing with then go at it blindly.

That said, the only part of my website that I need this data for is the background :P … the rest is floating css that will conform to whatever size the browser takes on

Last year I finally changed my site to be fully viewable on a minimum of 1024px width screens. It’s 970px wide, with some non-essential background filling in extra space, to accomodate people who use sidebars in their browser. With laptops and LCD screens having a higher native resolution, it seemed like a good time to stop 800px width limiting the design. I use 1280x1024, btw.

But like I said that was a few years ago, I guess things changed a bit.

can always detect the screen size too, which i imagine you are going to do.

True… but I think you must also take in consideration: For what kind of people is my website made for?
I think mr Byte-masher Doesn’t make his site for granny’s, who doesn’t know how to change the default settings.

Primary screen resolution: 1024x768
Secondary screen resolution: 768x1024

either way, sites completely text based that allow zooming and optimize themselves dynamically to resolution are always best.

always a bitch this resolution issue. would love the possibility to use conditional comments for solving this… just like the <! if IE6… and so on. but that’s never going to happen i guess.

flash sites, on the other hand, are much easier this way. but then again… indexing, indexing, indexing.

last year all our customers we’re obsessed with the 2.0 look, now it’s all about indexing. next year, they all want precentage-sized sites :ph34r: if i weren’t so lazy i should have started looking into that to be prepared. instead, i just surf the renoise forum. shame.

yeah that’s true!

wtf? you planning on browsing the web while laying on your side?

I’m currently trying to make my site 100% accessible from a text based browser. I’m even trying to find an AJAX script that will replace MP3 links with a flash mp3 player and a download link, so that non-flash browsers can still access the music.

Nah dude, I used nvrotate to orient everything correctly. It looks like this…

Started off because I wanted to play certain bullet hell shooters in MAME that have vertical orientation, without rotating my monitor back and forth all the time… But then I realized I like it pretty well for windows too. The vertical monitor is great for reading my RSS feeds while my son is watching a show on the big monitor. :D

P.S… CRT’s will never die!!!

That’s pretty cool. Good to know. What games?

Haha, I dig that setup… but why aren’t you using 1280 x 1024? (and 1024 x 1280) you would get even more space… I love 1280 x 1024 on CRT’s… I should try putting my CRT on the side like this it would be almost the same height as my 1920 x 1200… giving a total of 2944 x 1200 (with the extra 80px somewhere) that could look good…

Let me show you what I use right now: (yeah, I’m that kind of whore)