What Software Synths/ Effects/ Samples/ Do You Use?

I use Renoise [EDIT: v2.6.1] (of course)

Heres a list of my favourite vsts that I use.

  • FXpansion DCAM: Synth Squad (its freakin awesome)
  • Memorymoon Messiah
  • CM Studio Synths and Effects
  • Melda Production MEffects
  • Classic Effects
  • Acoustica Pianissimo (listen to me using it in the second track on my signature)
  • Best Service: TITAN
  • EDIROL: Hyper Canvas
  • Image-Line AutoGun

The samples I use:

  • Deadmau5: XFER
  • Mutekki Media Ultimate Beats Vol. 1
  • Various CM Samples

What do you folks use?

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@Drew Tweedy Music: here’s what i use

  • Software: Renoise, Audacity
  • VST: all the quality free VST’s i can get my hands on
  • Samples: a shitload of samples half of which i do not know where exactly they came from, the other half recorded, ripped from mp3s or youtube, or created with software

really, i do not know how people remember all of this stuff. mostly for me its Renoise native effects and sine-samples.

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Renoise 2.1.0

  • Nexus
  • VEC Sounds Vol1
  • Several self-made samples from my Casio CTK 691
  • Casio CTK 691 through midi
  • Samples from various vinyls
  • Ripped Samples from Renoise :)

Oh, and FX

  • Renoise internal
  • Kjaerhus

reaktor 5.5
zebra 2.5
samples , everything that I like and or record (senheisser me 66 , k6 )
nord modular g1
internal effects etc.

renoise dsps only, sometimes camel space, northpole
instruments -> swar plug, tb peach, edirol orchestra, slayer
but mostly i use simple samples :)

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Changes all the time, but lately mostly…

Plogue Bidule
Korg MS-20
Lounge Lizard
Audio Damage plugs (esp. Eos, Axon, Ricochet)
NI Session Strings

Nord Modular G2

Goldbaby When Alien Drum Robots Attack



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  • Renoise
  • FL Studio

I run FL Studio as a ReWire client alongside Renoise.

  • Plogue Chipsounds
  • Wusik Station 6
  • Arguru Voyager
  • Toxic Biohazard

I do use other synths/VSTis, freeware stuff mostly, but these I always come back to. I couldn’t live without MASSIVE and Chipsounds.

  • SPITFISH de-esser
  • Renoise & FL Studio built-in/bundled DSPs

Of the built-in stuff, what mostly sticks out is FL Studios Love Philter and Maximus, KR-REVERB and SPITFISH are the only two VST effects plugins I have installed, I think.

  • Game Boy
  • Game Boy Color
  • LSDJ
  • Nanoloop
  • some circuit bent toys

I sample all kinds of stuff, mostly on my phone or on my iPod. If I hear an interesting hum or hiss, I’ll record a few seconds of it. I also like to record ambient sound in waiting rooms, busses etc. I also carry at least one of my Game Boys with me at pretty much all times. I’m not really “into” circuit bending, I’ve mostly modified toys that are already musical to be more usable for what I want (my favorite is an old elephant-flashlight with a crude pitch-bend pot, it makes awesome howls when turned way down).

I agree that most people wont read the thread once it paginates, but I think threads like this are awesome. I love checking out tools other people use, I’ve learned of four new interesting pieces of software from this thread alone, so thanks!

robotrobot is mad because those are the samples he uses

i use

  • Renoise
    -Ableton Live


  • Massive
  • Absynth
  • Reaktor

and like 40gb of breakbeats and stuff

Renoise on linux so… not a lot! One day I’ll get round to buying Loomer Aspect.

I have a couple of linuxdsp plugins which are nice. And TAL Noisemaker. I have the usual DSSI stuff and a selection of LADSPAs but I don’t really use them, except for the Calf plugins, they are pretty good.

Hardware, I have a little sound recorder for grabbing samples, then I have a Yamaha AN1x, x0xb0x, Roland SH-09 and Korg electribe (EM-1) which is OK for chilling out with away from the desk.

Boy do I miss the fishphones. Sadly, they did not make the jump to Intel on the Mac side.


Holy crap…is that just the breakbeats, or whole tracks that have sample-worthy sections in them? Even in WAV format, that’s a lot of breaks! :dribble:

That’s the spirit! lol yeah I like that a lot, good card mah boy!

mostly renoise
lately been trying out reaper as master with renoise and flstudio as slaves
acid pro 7

wave edit:

chameleon 5000
analog warfare

ps. sorry for being rude, but at least you know I like you

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