What Soundcard Have You Got?

didn’t know where to stick this so i put it in OT.

i have an Maudio delta 192. I love it, and i’d reccomend it to anyone!!

Tascam US122, recommend it to people who take their gear on the road.

same here… Havent used any other “music production oriented” soundcard so cant really compare …

I have long pondered on buying the M-Audio Mobile Pre USB version for use with my laptop. When I get some time and money I might even do it :slight_smile:

I am a bit concerned about the latency of a USB card. Maybe it becomes too much?
If anyone has experience I would be glad to know!


i got a edirol ua-101 which is usb - works fine - no laancy issues at all over here and it goes through two different multi usb hubs with everything else pluged in too.

yay gear lust…

Edirol UA-101 here too. i like it a lot. :)

M-audio Delta 44. Thanks to Sonicade for the recommend (although he has the 66).

It hits the spot!

got a MOTU Traveler, love it. Very stable and mobile. Lots of ins and outs, though I wish it had a couple more :) it’s always like that…

i got a M-audio Audiophile Usb.

Currently using a Edirol UA-25.

M-Audio Firewire 410

Works fine in OS X. Doesn’t work well in XP :(

EMU 1212m.
wouldn’t recommend it to anyone as there’s definately better stuff for the price.
if at least the VST plugin that emu made to use the onboard DSP effects would work in renoise… but of course you only get noise and static when trying to use it.

i also wished the digital outs would be capable of transmitting a dolby digital signal, but that’s a no go as well.

i also can’t go any lower than 12ms witht the ASIO drivers… i think that’s not that superb on such a PC like this as well…

the only positive aspect is the really good quality of the analogue outs.

same as thread-starter here with the AP192.

(dont laugh) I used to use a “vintage” creative vibra 128 for many years, and the audiophile is a definate improvement on that :rolleyes:

but hey, I think it’s a good learning experience to bash your head against a wall with a shit card for a few years while you’re still learning everything… makes that upgrade all the sweeter; helps one appreciate “better quality” ;)

Recently got an Echo Indigo IO for my laptop.

I’ve had my eyes set on this card for ages: I had heard lots of recommendations for its sound quality and stability and I now can testify on both. I always thought I knew what bass was. Now I know I had listened to low frequency mud all those years, I swear! :) This card has immaculate sound!

It’s also CardBus Type 2. Perhaps the best interface for the purpose. I guess ExpressCard would do nicely as well, but there’s yet a soundcard to come in this format, afaik.

One con though - it has only a single line input. Not much of an issue though, as I don’t use live instrumentation much. And I’m planning on getting a mobile recorder, so my field recording needs will soon be catered for as well.

i’ve also been looking for an expresscard audio solution since i recently bought a laptop.
it seems there only is this consumer solution available right now…

Been using a M-Audio Delta 10/10 for the last 4 years. Next card will probably be a MOTU, pci equivalent.

echo indigo io on my thinkpad running ubuntu/ubuntu studio.
maudio delta 24/96 on my w32 xp sp1.
and i am very tempted to get this expansion board for my cme uf5 to run with my ibook and/or thinkpad:
CME UF400E FireWire Expansion Board for CME UF Controller Keyboards

may as well right!?!? :D
it’s already a whikkid nice controller, may as well get it happy.
though it being outboard & FW, i am very apprehensive about it.
lazily, i have never actually researched if it even workie! well that is until i was looking for the image. :)
-then i have yet to really research it yet.

@Subset. i agree with you having 1 line in on the indigo io is the only bad thing about it.

oh nice!
it is listed in FFADO (used to be FreeBob)
along with a bunch of other FireWire devices.

this link is really only of interest to Linux people, or people with wirewire devices interested in using Linux:


Terratec Aureon Space 7.1

I’d not recommend this card for ASIO because the drivers suck in renoise. Sometimes they work like a charm and sometimes they lock the whole system. The worst thing is, that no sound works anymore after leaving renoise.

I had a Terratec EWX 24/96 before and with this card I had the same issues. Now I use DirectSound and only switch to asio when playing life.