What Would You Like To See In A Renoise 3.0?

can you be more specific?

I posted a mockup of what people would like the next renoise to be like

3230 beatbox-nativity-logic-pro-screenshot.png


however I don’t think that some people want to work with vertical audiotracks for the pleasure/fun of verticality

some people would like a true fusion between the current vertical pattern logic, and the audiotrack features you’ll find in lots of other DAWs

if you read the Faints previous comments you’ll see that he’d like the audiotracks automatically snap to the pattern lines, easily slicable, and to be easily resizable through a native timestretch

of course lots of tracker boyz will never use this kind of feature, however, you’ll find some musicians that sing, or play guitar (for example), and that could be very happy to easily place their realtime recordings into their patterns, thanx to audiotracks

What Kurtz said, and an audio track is also the sensible way to represent bounced tracks.

[quote=“NER, post:198, topic:35189”]
I posted a mockup of what people would like the next renoise to be like

3230 beatbox-nativity-logic-pro-screenshot.png

that’s hilarious :lol:

I’d like to see native dsp effects that can be saved with the instruments, and seperate envelopes for each slice/layer of an instrument. I think this would really help with sound design and speeding up workflow.

I’m pretty sure he is talking about the on/off toggle on DSPs and vst/au plugins. This is currently only possible to toggle/automate through pattern commands. This causes a “problem” when working with aliases, for example. Described in more detail here: Effect On/off In Automation Tab


Indeed, a .XRNI file could also contain .XRNT chain data.

Maybe we could create another format for this : .XRNI2 ?

Loading a .XRNI2 file would automatically load the instrument, and insert the associated chain in the default track DSP section.

i think the problem with the whole “yeah let’s horizontal” is that if Renoise devteam make ANY kind of move towards that, it’s going to be spread around like wildfire, people are gonna talk about it… and you know what’s gonna happen?

the same people who have been slagging off renoise for being vertical, will descend on Renoise like carrions and take this new horizontal functionality into little pieces. They’ll be like, “Why isn’t this as good as logic? cubase? ableton live? how dare you! we are so offended!” they’ll release a miasmah of hatred and talk about it everywhere (kvr, other music forums) and will really seriously just start picking renoise apart. what’s stopping them from doing that now? renoise is vertical.

don’t give them an entrance into this, they’ll just waste everyone’s time. you thought you were pissed off when old trackers surface and demand shortcuts and functionalities from old trackers (1992-1997) now? wait till you see the self-entitled loathsome horizontalists attack. this forum might become completely useless for about a year, or longer.

Exactly what I was thinking, would make for a nice template system. :guitar:

Why do we need some kind of audio track ? because i guess it’s a easy way to align sound to other ryhtmical element.

but is some kind of vertical audio track the best way ?
in fact i think it’s not. what is so great with renoise is the high details level into such a stripped UI. audio track this way won’t work because it will mess with the pattern workflow of renoise. where should we put audio track ? in the arranger because it’s long file ? but it will not be easy to align with other element wich is the point of audio track … so it’s not a solution
with pattern editor ? but what if for more than one pattern audio file ?

that’s why i suggested an audio track mode in the sampler where you can put some kind of cue point. you could timestrech/ pitchshift between these cue point to edit audio. and you can merge multiple take to keep only the good part of your recording. you can then load each cue point with a pattern command. this way you keep all the good workflow of renoise with all the possibilities of renoise. i think this is needed as i understand working with vocal or guitar in renoise

How about track aliasses or double referenced patterns? People indeed tend to forget we have a pattern matrix and sequencer that has to be incorporated into the story.

Actually, Renoise going in the direction of Reaktor, would be supercool… just a thought, lol, not a demand… or even a request… just a thought

I’ve tried to imagine a sample editor that would be able to edit sample without loosing the correlation with the pattern timeline. If the vertical audiotracks are not developped, at least something like that should be added :

With such a floating timeline that displays pattern lines (instead of beats samples or 0Sxx effect), the sample timestretch could snap to pattern lines positions there, so no seed to use vertical audiotracks for that.

oh, absolutely. would love to do xrnis with effect chains. but also be able to load the XRNI without the effect chain (some switch type behaviour, maybe). and, for those who want to share the sound to other people who don’t have the snappy plugins, some sort of a XRNI2 -> XRNI “plugin grabber” type solution.

i’ve made in the past this both suggestion. i’m all for this. some kind of sample effect aka chain for a particular sample or for all the instrument would be so cool and powerfull for layering and sound design

I’ll let photoshop do the talkin’ for me. This is what I want.

this. this.

the only thing i miss from buzz tracker was being able to have a 8 or 16 row or 32 row beat and put 1024 rows of pads on top of that and be able to arrange them.

this picture says everything required.
i dunno what these aliases are trying to do, probably something truly amazing, but to be honest, this “different length of rows per track” kind of thing… welll, seriously, this picture says it all.

+1 a million billion times.

^ sliiick

someone +1 that post! guy nailed it 10000%

that ^

just throwing these suggestions out there: :)

default behavior would be to skip to the next pattern after the longest pattern is finished. would be cool however if you could toggle so that next block would be played after the shortest pattern was finished.

an experimental feature could be that a selected pattern would set the length of all other patterns in that block so that they finish together… “squashing” longer patterns so that they are played back faster.