What You Watching ATM?

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This is my friend’s barn where I go to retro bonfires.
And I used to help start this.

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Idk about bulls, but I have had first hand experience where ram would just attack for the I guess fun an lolz, we had one in country side , and occasionally he would kind of sneak up on you and headbutt your ass, and then prance around like a satisfied jerk. :wink:

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:joy:…I just imagine your point of view…a sort of ‘cartoon’…:+1:‍‍

4 inline cylinders
17000 RPM

futur collector

Sorry for political posting, but this actually fits very much the German not existing democracy, so it’s apolitical. Welcome to the modern lobbycracy and their actors:

Feel free to delete this shit, so Germans do not get confronted with reality :laughing: Not even funny… :frowning: :face_vomiting:

No one has any illusions about the state of the EU anymore.
It was no accident that they made its president a gynecologist.

In France, “49.3”

Side effect of ‘overcrowding’



I like the music,don’t know if there is a release of that


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Not the first time that Jennifer Anniston has real laugh in this series

‘Aux input’ and good sound as I remember

Not german,not japanese…italian


Superbowl is coming! :v:

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