What You Watching ATM?

This is my friend’s barn where I go to retro bonfires.
And I used to help start this.

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Idk about bulls, but I have had first hand experience where ram would just attack for the I guess fun an lolz, we had one in country side , and occasionally he would kind of sneak up on you and headbutt your ass, and then prance around like a satisfied jerk. :wink:

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Sorry for political posting, but this actually fits very much the German not existing democracy, so it’s apolitical. Welcome to the modern lobbycracy and their actors:

Feel free to delete this shit, so Germans do not get confronted with reality :laughing: Not even funny… :frowning: :face_vomiting:

No one has any illusions about the state of the EU anymore.
It was no accident that they made its president a gynecologist.



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Superbowl is coming! :v:

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Cool video, and there’s an awesome sample that could be cut around 7:17 that might be perfect for some electro or synthwave or some other retro genre


Haha, I’m subbed to you on Youtube and I had that video recommended to me yesterday, can’t be a coincidence! I also ended up just sampling the whole thing and I’ll probably never use it anyway.

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Revenge of the Cats!

This is video trickery right?

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