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Scam…no acceleration

one of most precise algorithm to simulate magnetic attraction is:
(not english)

function magnetic_vector(vector,half as boolean)
dist_norm as float
dist_norm=length vector3(vector)

 //calcul de la norme force
force_norm as float
ratio as float

scale vector3 vector,vector,ratio
if half=1
    scale vector3 vector,vector,0.5


Vpe:vecteur position aimant escalve
Vpm:vecteur position aimant2 maitre

Vd:vecteur distance séparant les 2 aimants

Nd:norme du vecteur distance
Nf:norme de la force magnétique

k:ratio Nf/Nd

Vf:vecteur de la force magnétique

Fmax:force d’attraction quand Vd=0
Rm:Rayon du champs magnétique

m: m=1 si pôles différents;m=-1 si pôles identique

In a prime number search algorithm,no need to continue the search after the half of the number you want to determine that’s a a prime number

All are handmade algorithm