Whats next for Renoise?

(joule) #341

Yes, but that’s where they stand as far as I can tell. Sononym still quite isn’t released, you know.

I would assume that their plans haven’t evolved radically, since they’re still waiting for release + market response of their new product.

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Must bestimulating to maintain some 17+ yearsof C++code and get a shitload oflolcats in return.

Could it be that taktik is actually coding everything inLOLCODEthese days because of this?

HAI 1.2

Back ontopic: Isn’t thistopic itself asummertime phenomenon here at renoise.com?It seems to get back in some shape or form every summer!

So maybe a community effort to maintain a non-official “FAQ” could make things easier to new users (and old users who need to express their concerns over and over again in loopmode)?

You know, collecting all the official statements and other interesting comments from the team and devs, listing the most frequent user requests, stuff like that.

(fiasko) #343

It seems to me that Renoise took simple but very effective concept of a classical tracker, kept building around it and may be reaching the end of what can be intuitively and elegantly added to it. I doubt there is going to be any paradigm shift in the future.


Seem to me that Renoise took simple but very effective concept of a classical tracker, kept building around it and may be reaching the end of what can be intuitively and elegantly added to it.

Nope. High resolution support could be “elegantly added”

(fiasko) #345

nope. hi resolution support could be elegantly added

Technology updates can be made but beyond that I don’t see much else coming.

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Lotz of drama in this thread…eye agree; it has been an emotional topic in these forums, ever since. How about the virtue of patience?

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Not sayin there’s nuthing 2 improve here…a bunch of things could be added & implemented; the ‘synthesized loop’ would only be 1 of those.

Yet, does it really make sense to speculate on fantasy Renoise 3.3.1 or similar; without having any clue or ‘recent’ clue from the developerz?

Its pretty quiet, me would say & no info on anything so far…so letz keep kewl here, as there isnt much to do for now (except adding #drama).

Cheerz :ph34r:

Postscriptum : A Loop - Lock - Feature would also compliment the Sampler in a huge & benificial way; since we’re talking #ensoniq here.

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It works, it does what it says it will do on the website, whats next, nothing, you paid your money and got what you paid for, Renoise was never going to have much further forward thrust without a traditional arranger and piano roll, the mainstream world wants those and thats where the money is in terms of sales.

(Nick Cent) #349

It would be nice if the next version has audio warping (preserve pitch, that is) and the ability to send midi clock to all available midi ports seen by the driver (not just one, as it is now). Renoise could well change dramatically, and still stay a tracker.

(thalamus) #350

My appeal to the developers is to make Renoise available as a VSTi in the same way that FLStudio does.
At least it means that the best tracker environment in the world is available inside whichever DAW you are using to get a project done.

ReWire is not really cutting it these days…

(ffx) #351

Hm, tracker as VSTi in a DAW sucks imo. There were such approaches already. I more am missing Renoise FX as a VST and VSTi/VST support in Redux, so I can 1:1-load my projects into it, including all my fancy Renoise FX settings

(TheBellows) #352

Can’t you use rewire for this?

(ffx) #353

Hm, that’s true, if my DAW was supporting Rewire.

(TheBellows) #354

I agree that VSTs in Redux would be handy. I would use it for creating instruments by mixing synths with samples and then plugin grab it. Now i would have to plugin grab a synth first and then add the samples in Redux.
The better option howevever would be to make it possible to plugin grab the samples as well as the VSTs in Renoise.

(thalamus) #355

How does a tracker as vsti inside another DAW suck?
It is certainly more convenient than Rewire, does Rewire also suck in your opinion?

Im a professional musician who now has to use Cubase, Live etc for projects but I grew up with trackers. Renoise is the best tracker I have ever used so being able to integrate it with the DAW I am using for more scoring to picture features would be amazing for me. It wouldn’t suck.

(ffx) #356

I was thinking about a “modular” approach. There is Redux, basically the sampler inside Renoise. Then there could also be a MIDI Generator VSTi, being the plain pattern/sequence part of Renoise. And then finally the Renoise FX, being available as VST fx. So one compiling would generate 4 apps at once, or at least using the same codebase. I wouldn’t deny if Renoise was available as VSTi, too, but that won’t happen because there is Redux and Rewire as you said.

(taktik) #357

It would be the same, really. You still would need to switch back and forth between two applications. And we also couldn’t save the entire Renoise song as state within the host, cause Renoise songs are too big to be handled by the host.

Also there’s no way to start/stop/navigate the host’s timeline from within a plugin. You’d need to switch back to your host every time you want to start playing in Renoise, which would be really really awkward.

If Redux doesn’t cut it, give ReWire a chance. Or bounce all your patterns / tracks in Renoise and simply use them in other software as raw audio data.

(toimp) #358

Ableton Link would solve the sync problem(start/stop/…). That’s the reason why I think Renoise should have this feature, too.

(thalamus) #359

Is a Renoise song necessarily too big for state save? How does ReDux manage this?
If I’m using VSTi in Renoise then the mods can be quite small. Consider Kontakt for example; when you save a project then any Kontakt instance will be state saved with the instrument minus its sample data. Maybe Renoise could do something like this by pointing to the module on host project save and fetch it when that renoise instance is loaded again on host project load?

Regarding the transport issue. I did not appreciate that the host could not be controlled by the VSTi. For me it would not be a problem to use the host to set transport though.

Essentially what I miss in ReDux is the full pattern editor. I find triggering Phrases via midi very cumbersome for the work I do.

(taktik) #360

It’s a problem in Redux already, and there we only save a single instrument. In Renoise VSTs it would be a lot of them.

If this isn’t a problem, what is the problem with ReWire?