Whats next for Renoise?

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I remember someone mentioning this a long time ago, and me not seeing the point.

Now, I desperately want it. I love the Renoise tracker interface for writing MIDI.

A Redux-like MIDI out plugin would be way more useful to me than the current Redux. I don’t need the samples or effects – just MIDI out!


For the things that I want audiotracks is least important, although it would be cool just to be able to record live instruments.

I thought of one more thing Id like to see in future.

When recording automation from knobs, you currently only get one take.
If you have recorded something you dont like into automation and you try to re-record automation over it renoise tries to keep the older automation points and you end up with automation that jumps all over the place…it would be nicer if it just erased all the older automation points when recording over previously recorded automations.

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Hi, I do mainly game audio.

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I think the question “should a tracker have audio tracks” is a silly one. Software evolves. Just because something hasn’t had it in the past, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have it in the future. With that kind of thinking we’d still be using gas lanterns.

You described using audio in one of your posts… and it sounded like a pain in the ass. Why not make audio a thing? Why not create something new? I personally don’t see why we feel the need to read waveforms left to right, flip em 90 degrees and put them in vertically.

Whether tiktak chooses to or not, is up to him, and I respect your opinion completely. Personally I love making music in Renoise more than any other DAW - but when working with audio (I often work with a friend who records vocals piano etc and sends as wavs) I can’t be bothered with the faff. It’s meant I’ve put renoise down for now - which is a shame because I would prefer to use it exclusively. Nonetheless I feel no entitlement to have it, and no aversion to software evolving.

What will be, will be. What could be, could be.



  • yes software evolves, but should you expect from renoise to act as a photoshop for a moment? that is not development in my world, that is more a dream or a wish. Evolving would be to add negative delay for example, or make parallel routing tad easier…

  • yes it’s pain in the ass to edit audio tracks on renoise - because there are no audio tracks, since it’s tracker. ( i mentioned this because someone is constantly asking about audio tracks in tracker realm, which i personally do not find “missing” at all) - > and that’s why i use mixbus for tasks regarding audio tracks, not renoise itself! - and in case you missed my point, it’s pain in the ass to do something renoise isn’t intended for! - not in terms that i find it bad at all!

  • yes it is up to taktik, and i do not intent to be boring to him and his team, i just chimed in to say that audio tracks, by my opinion, are not needed, which are requested by many, and i do not know why.

  • for getting your wavs by your friend into Renoise, just chop the hell out of them, program it multitrack as it was recorded + you got better tempo & pitch control. Requires more time investment but you get a flawless workaround - if you really want to use renoise exclusively, there is a way.

i love Renoise too and i use it exclusively for literally everything. There is a workaround for everything you want, so it depends how much you really want to do so.


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“What is Renoise? Renoise is a Digital Audio Workstation…”
Literally the first thing on the Renoise product page:

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audio tracks is only going to be good for renoise more workflow enhancements …more options to work with vocals and instrument stems …better sample visualization in the arrangement .

is one of the best things they can add for sure


Nice point. Do you have any exact issue with it not being a DAW? as person can see (not the blind one) it’s more a tracker with DAW capabilities, effects, audio routing, integrated sampler with so many capabilities unknown to “ordinary” tracker, yet a top sampler integrated in it.
Well, you still can use workaround if you want to, nobody is stopping you from doing so.
Reason 1-6 was DAW as well, but it was called a DAW without a way to import audio track? i didn’t see you asking propellerheads what’s with their DAW term misused then?

Explaining daw:
1.It’s Digital, :hugs:
2.you have Audio (as in sampler) :star_struck::star_struck:, and
3. “station” is for something from outer space i guess… :exploding_head:

The more i involve in these endless talks, the less patience i have because when i reply something obvious, someone is taking my words out of context, and now guess what? more endless and useless talk.

This forum is crowded with people who complain more rather than making music.
Pete Rock didn’t cry because his SP1200 had so small RAM, he rather used it and became a legend.

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Pete Rock did also upgrade to a mpc200XL and might be on Live or Logic Protools whateva today. Just sayn


lofimat, yes, my point is that he moved on, he was not crying because xyz isnt possible on sp1200 and why it cannot make internal sidechain :stuck_out_tongue:

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he was not crying because xyz isnt possible

Ever spent some time on the MPC Forums?

Fam’ crying all day there, dog.


i own mpc, and visit forums from time to time. JJOS (japanese jenius) made his software for mpc (you could do the same if you wanted to, instead you cry on a daily basis). You are acting blind and taking my words out of context. i was mentioning pete rock as he used one, and became legend without openly crying for xyz feature. im giving up on this forum because people always read only part that they want and exclude else that matters as whole thought

your argument “they cry on mpc forums” points what?

Cheers & keep crying instead making music.

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Oh. I am crying now? Deluded much?

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Pete Rock also did not write music, he recorded pieces of other people’s music and re-ordered them in a manner conducive to having his friends talk over them in a rhythmical way. Also can’t have hurt his career that his cousin Heavy D was a big star in de ‘rap game’.

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There is no logical relation that people who are complaining, like me, are not making music. Who told you that? I think it is more like some people realized that it is much harder to reach the last 20% in a Renoise project, than it is in many other DAWs, due bugs, missing base features or even some too limited features.

On the other hand, it is much more logical to assume that people saying that Renoise is complete and perfect, that these people have very few in deep experience with Renoise, so are not making a lot of music.

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You could already get 99% full out off renoise, is you used Windows XP like the rest of us. :sleeping:

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I doubt that 99% of renoise users use window.

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And I really kind of doubt that you really want to get into an argument about an obviuois joking. Also it seems like 99% of people in these forum dont have a funny sense of humor and just here for beefing up da beef. What happened with that noe Anon0976567818273 dude for exampel? didnt seem a bad guy at all - I smell quiet a big bunch of BS in here at some times.
This not directed at you personal just like speaking in general about the odd strange things. :poop: