What's Your Favourite Tracker?

What’s your favourite tracker?

Mine is Renoise.

The 1991 Geo Tracker for sure. just… stunning!

Renoise 3.0 i guess… or 2.9… whatever :)

Is this some kind of test, to ban everyone who won’t say “renoise”??? :wacko: :blink: :unsure: Just kidding =)

For me, Renoise, followed by Schism Tracker.

Schism Tracker was my #1 for several years until renoise 2.8 came out with these awesome new features that made everything else obsolete!!

Mine is renoise.


Renoise. I’m hoping to get back into Buzz Tracker, as well.
They both have their strengths

a non-crash-prone mixture of impulsetracker and buzztracker.
with renoise scripting and renoise sample manipulation.
and so on.

  1. Renoise
  2. Jeskola Buzz Tracker
  3. Nitrotracker

I wish I could combine 1+2 to make super-duper powerful experimental wacky synth&sample tracker, but Renoise is fine for me using sampled Buzz synths. Results are guaranteed.

Digibooster PRO (Amiga)
AHX Tracker (Amiga)

I am gonna test this very soon: 1Raster-Tracker (C64)

What’s Your Favourite Сraсer?

Renoise and Modplug, Psycle also has a lot of potential

sunvox (on my galaxy nexus phone) right now purely because it’s portable.

trying to get into the habit of just doodling a bit whenever a got some minutes to spare just for the fun of it. it seems to be working.

once you get the hang of it it’s really useable on the train, bus and on the couch.

That doesn’t say anything about the quality of those results, does it? :P

Syntheyes is pretty good at tracking, but for regular 2d tracking I prefer Nuke’s Tracker.

Oh wait.

haha i’m gonna name something referred to as a tracker even though i know op is talking about the type of music software known as a tracker hahaha how do i come up with this stuff

haha i’m gonna ask “what’s the awesomest tracker evar” on the renoise forums, results guaranteed (??)

Mine is Renoise.


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