What's Your Favourite Tracker?

Taktik is my boss. I’m slacking on the job.

Learning to use Buzz right now and I’m really impressed with it. That interest was sparked by using Sunvox for over a year and enjoying it. Renoise and IT/Schism will always be close to my heart though, I don’t think it really matters what software you use, just how you use it.

Just a side not about Buzz though, I had no idea you could even run that many FX on a computer back in 1998… In 1998 I didn’t even know what reverb was. I just knew that “some samples sounded better than others” and I wasn’t quite sure why. While I enjoyed using IT back in the day, I kind of wish I had tried out Buzz sooner than 2013… Oh well :)

hahahaha we all know that’s exactly what happened :D :D :lol: :lol:

Renoise + AudioGL…
The latest version offers ReWire (One stereo output so far, but midi controlable, 16 midi inputs and 127 midi commands)

Amen…and Renoise :)

Thanks for reminding me about audiogl. I kindof forgot about it after the kickstarter hype. Looks like it’s really coming along

The open canvas kind of feel reminds me a bit of audiomulch, but one thing it seems to do better is abstracting the control data as music. Instead of being one long timeline, there are various ways to modulate and loop control data. I think I compose in AM in a similar way - e.g. making kicks out of automating sines and melodies out of oscillator frequencies, but I have trouble building up layers of complexity. This is partially because of the lack of automation abstraction (and partially because of my own limitations).

It’s also really cool to see something break out of the common frameworks like juce and qt and have an interface built from the ground up.

First time I’m hearing about AudioGL. That looks absolutely amazing.

You get into that? Not tried it myself but thought it looked very interesting, then most the comments I’ve seen from people who have given it some time was it turned out to be more eye candy than really usable…

Jeskola Buzz is still my favorite, but it’s not native to OS X and I’m tired of futzing about with Wine and Parallels to run it. <_<

You can do quite nifty things with the module builder already… The parameters of the devices and objects are controllable by midi commands.
i’m currently just patching in a few instruments through ReWire Midi:

The output is currently limited to one pair, but so is the output for the generic audio sequencer itself.
I hope this gets expanded quite soon, because if you have multiple outputs, then ReWire does make it usable for sequencing multiple instruments.

Code preparations for the Mac port were also announced.

the name of my favourite tracker is the one written in the title of this thread

Ah, Impulse Tracker. THAT explains your nickname! ;)/>

yeah, Audiogl is pretty interesting. I tried it a month ago.

My favorite tracker is Renoise followed by Renoise and Renoise.





I masturbate to Renoise.

Renoise and OpenMPT. ;)

Renoise and Skale Tracker

Renoise of course, and before renoise it was fast tracker2 and AXS synth/tracker.

AXS really doesn’t get the props it deserves for pioneering the modern era of realtime softsynths.

This was back in the days when sample playback was the norm and polyphony with “new note actions” was cutting edge. All of a sudden - oscillators and filters!? a JP-8000 clone in the box!? I could hardly believe that I could control the filter cutoff in realtime.

Seems tame now, but at the time, sound design amounted to collecting sample libraries and trying to find the right combination of Korg X50 samples or whatever that would approximate what you wanted to hear.


Renoise these days (obviously) but NewTracker will always have a special place in my heart for introducing me to a world of ethereal sounds and endless noise.

That, and MusicLine’s freeform pattern sequencer (hint hint).