What's Your Nationality ?

I was just wondering about Renoise users nationalities ?

I’m from Paris, France and been using Renoise since 1.1, registered at that time.


Fun topic, hehe

Norway here! But i’m 1/3 Swiss.

Been using renoise since 1.25


Born in Germany, 1/2 french, 1/2 iranian. i live in baltimore, md US. :blink:

Hey SoundSquare, I’m french too (from Rennes) !

Il neige a Paris ? :)

But nobody will check profiles and it’s fun to know.

Florian: You’re incredible :P

There was the same topic some months ago (titled “where are you from?”) :)

Btw, I was born in Italy, 100% italian and I live in… Italy… :P

Cypriot :yeah:



die you terrorist bastards!

(just kidding i hate my ignorant country)

slovakia :o :D


England, UK… and have been using Renoise since day 1 and Noisetrekker before that…


how about 6 month per year of the miracle? come here (russia/siberia) and check it out…

Norway. Born in Bergen, lives in Oslo. Now, how weird is THAT??

…not much, huh? :rolleyes:

Oh, and it’s nice to see how many “guest”-people telling me where their anonymous behinds are from, hehe…

:lol: lol, true.

i know alot of US residents that try to hide that they’re from the US in international company because they’re so embarassed about the W.

I’m from Portugal but I’ve been living in Switzerland since the age of 7.

I registered Renoi… er… NoiseTrekker 3 some years ago (and became a registered user when NT3 became Renoise).

It’s fun to see the project has had 3 names: Noisetrekker 3, Protrekker (only 2 betas if I remember well) and then Renoise…

Last week I “registered” Cubase SX 2 … sorry, but it was too much time and too many features missing… I’ll catch up Renoise later, maybe, when it becomes a more mature project. Don’t get me wrong, Renoise kicks!


Haha, Florian. Now you’re the second one I got to know in the scene.
I’m an Iranian and live since '89 in Germany.