What'S Your Text Editor / Ide?

I use jEdit.

I’ve been using jEdit for many years; probably close to 10 now. It’s still actively developed. The last release was 4.4pre1, released in February 2011. I’m always looking for a way out but I keep coming back to jEdit & plugins because it meets all my needs.

I want to like Eclipse but it’s memory hungry and creates a bunch of unnecessary hidden files that I don’t want to manage. I also didn’t understand the project representation. I tried to remove a project from some view, and it deleted all my files which is not what I wanted. I’m sure I could learn given enough time. Instead, I went back to jEdit and a few plugins (Project Viewer, SuperAbrevs, CtagsInterface, …)

I want to like Netbeans but with the recent Oracle acquisition I have strong doubts about maintenance. I’m thinking Netscape 6 circa 2001, e.g. a disaster. I’m keeping my eye on it as version 7 was released a just a few days ago… Also, no Lua?

I want to like emacs and/or vi but there’s something to be said about being raised on MS-DOS Editor and the menu habbits that came with it. In fact, when it comes to Linux/BSD editors I use nano.

I want to like XCode but I don’t. It’s not cross platform.

What are you guys/girls using?

Honestly, I just use Notepad. Sometime WordPad if I actually need to write something pretty but mostly just notepad.

For everything that doesn’t involve a full-blown IDE, I use Notepad++

PSPad does it for me.
Notepad++ is second place, but frankly, i miss a lot off stuff in notepad++ that pspad provides for.

I have an allergic reaction to anything that requires JDK or even just JRE (for that single reason I have Android SDK installed on MSVPC)

For occasional web programming: WeBuilder
For occasional Windows stuff: Visual Studio 2010 Express (in MSVPC, because I tend to do empirical debugging)
For everything else (like writing forum posts to avoid browser doing something stupid so that I have to remember what I was ranting about): Notepad

Coding is not my job for living.

I like Emacs because it has lots of keyboard shortcuts and can be used without touching the mouse. Sort of like Renoise.

I don’t like IDEs. I use Vim for all my programming.


i don’t do much coding, but i use notepad++ for html/css/php. on #! linux i use gedit i think, but that’s just the default there.

under Windows, I use:

  • Microsoft Visual Visual Studio for all coding at work (mainly .NET stuff)
  • Notepad++ for LUA coding

under Linux, I use:

under MacOS, I use:

  • XCode (which sucks) for iOS developing at work
  • TextEdit for everything else

any one got autocomplete for the Renoise Lua/API stuff going in anything?

Emacs autocomplete learns what I type which is nice but I would like something that knows all about it.

Emacs on Linux for me.
Notepad++ at work on Windows.

Both rock for different reasons.

I’m working with Eclipse since 2003(?), mainly Java, C++, Qt coding.
Before that I used Emacs for ages for Perl, C, and some Prolog back then.

Win; Notepad++ for years, now Sublime Text packs some unique feats.
Linux; Nano, Gedit.

I wrote a script that pulverizes the API docs into a list of functions. The idea was that it could be used for autocomplete. Maybe someone can actually get this working in their text editor of choice?

Here’s the latest output:

Vim FTW!


Pocket sized and portable, I use it without a keyboard. Options like color change = easy on the eyes, line break, and others, makes it pretty useful.

For AS3: FlashDevelop.

For web stuff… err FlashDevelop :) It’s got highlighting for html, css and php so I end up using it for most things. Such a nice editor.

Recently have been trying out SublimeText which seems very nice indeed. I’ll probably switch to that for web stuff on my next big project I think.

I still use EditPlus on occasion just because of the built in FTP client and powerful macro recorder.

UltraEdit for code editing, Visual Studio Express 2010 for debugging.


I use linux at home, so it’s vim for me.

At work I use notepad++, Visual Studio (for c# and asp.net) and Quest Software Toad for Oracle database setup, querying and pl/sql. If I’m on a Solaris box it’s back to vi.