Basically this thread will be a collection of links and discussions on prepping information (not the information itself) so as to take it in a scheduled manner,
like how a cook preps his tools and ingredients before cooking or how a fighter preps his or her body before the onslaught.

This first post will be constantly edited in adding and organizing links.

links -> short descriptions -> if applicable, a link to the original poster so you can jump to see additional comments.

Disclaimer: I don’t know how reputable some of these programs are, download at your own risk.

Audio Learning

  1. – AT&T Text to Speech
  2. – Text to Wav – Youtube Example
  3. – Shit Talker – Youtube Example

Visual Learning

  1. map
  2. – free version (screenshot + screencast) – OP .xrns
  3. – free video streaming software
  4. – Renoise thread “What’s Your Text Editor / Ide?”

Edit: moved to first post

may i suggest that we also add links to software for making screencasts?

it’s free and limited to 5 minutes, but with Jing it’s easy to make instructional videos for renoise…

Sure yeah, great, I’ll format it like the Prerequisite thread (suggestions for organizing links welcome).