When Is Rewire Coming?

Sorry, but this is hands-down the most important feature Renoise needs.

It can solve a billion other problems/requests in one shot. For example: the recording issue the contest winner chose… having a mixer… etc etc.

That and tons of other things could be solved with just one simple thing!

DAMN IT, I love renoise but let’s be serious… rewire is needed! NEEDED! Plus, the name is fitting.


Please :(

How would you use an external mixer and recorder with rewire?

im not talking a bout a hardware mixer… anyway…

whats the word on rewire? for f*** sake

if it does ever happen, its not gonna happen anytime soon, thats the word.

its because of the licensing bs surronding rewire. i think the best place to dispute this is with the ppl who licensed it, aka propellorheads.

they says that its free technology, but its not.

since renoise isnt a company, propellorheads wont let them use it.
so yeah propellorheads is the Target! ;D

a multichannel VSTi Renoise would do the trick too.

Why isn’t Renoise a company? Is it expensive to make Renoise a company? I just ask because I don’t know. :)

I would rather it like that way. ^^
Look what happened to ImageLine (With no offence intented, I love FLS, but it’s slowly going [real] mainstream)


rewire <_<
Renoise-vsti :eek: :guitar: :guitar:

yeah renoise vsti would be the ultimate sampler

yes a renoise vsti would be just as welcome! <3
in fact, i would prefer a vsti instead of rewire…

so is there any on renoise becoming a vsti?! any mention of it?

btw that sucks about propellerhead’s licensing agreement

Another advantage of a VSTi instead of Rewire is that all songdata within Renoise could be saved along with the Host where Renoise is loaded, while with Rewire one would always need to save 2 files separately.

I agree with VSTi being a very nice option.
It would be great to use Renoise inside REAPER, for example. The latter seem to have the same trouble with getting the ReWire license…

Well according to user votings it is not. Apparently it ended up somewhere at the end of the voting list of preferred features. Then you have the licensing issues. So don’t expect Rewire in any version in the near future. If you want a tracker interface in a VSTi, there are other options (forgot the name). To speed up the development of Renoise to get a specific feature in, either join the team, donate large sums of money or bribe the devs. :D

ReVisIT from Chris Nash is that name

When we voted, was Renoise VSTi an option? Is it hard to do?

Renoise as VST plugin ended upon the ninth place.
Wether it is easy to make, well i can’t determine, but some options won’t be available or depend upon the features of the host used in (ASIO/recording) so it would probably be stripping it down till the effective areas are left and then you have a very powerfull sampler and beatmachine.

Thanks. :) Looks a much better/simpler way of getting Renoise integrated with other apps than trying for Rewire support. Maybe I’m missing something, but it seems like VST/i has all of the perks and none of the drawbacks.

renoise with rewire would be cool, imagin having rebirth along side renoise adding some fat 808 beatz and shit ;)

I guess the lack of plugin delay compensation in Renoise would quickly take down that awe-feeling.

Running Renoise as a Rewire HOST (master) would certainly be really useful, I agree. Even running it as a Rewire slave would be like introducing airplanes to my composing world of horses and wagons.

The best way around these problem today is still to use energyXT. I know, some people on this board get a little bit annoyed whenever I mention energyXT. But it does solve many real, practical issues – for me and probably for many others as well.

What I can do with it is this:

  1. Export Renoise patterns as MIDI files – extremely useful, especially now when the BPM issue is fixed in 1.8. Exporting includes notes, volumes and velocities and effects like “F2” (cut notes).

  2. Creation of soundbanks (consisting of several VST:s and VSTi:s – a bit like Reason’s Combinator device) that can be used in external sequencers exactly as they were used and heard in Renoise.

  3. Import of long audio-tracks into Renoise, with the ability to trigger the audio from any offset (i.e. not having to trigger it from the beginning every time).

  4. Creation of arpeggios and assignment of chords to special note values in the tracker, the splitting of the keyboard into one chord section (left hand) and one melody section (right hand) etc. There are lots of routing possibilities in eXT: e.g. velocities 0-30 triggers VSTi #1, velocities 31-50 triggers VSTi #2, etc. One of the most useful IMO is that you can create new instruments by mixing several VSTi:s together.