When selecting instrument slot...

When selecting instrument slot…

Move mixer track focus to pertaining instrument slot

Why ?
First off all , when creating a renoise instr.( without fx binding ) there is no hardwired output , it depends on the selected track .
Maybe some of us want to put 2 different instruments on the same track

I do this all the time, different samples often occupy a single track.

@Paurini, it’s a bit related to this suggestion, isn’t it?

I am a bit ambivalent about this - while there certainly are advantages to a strictly enforced link between track & instrument, I feel that having a free choice is better.

But, perhaps the perfect compromise would be a tool-based workflow that allows you to enforce this via a naming convention.
Simple as this: name the track after an instrument, and they would be synced at all times (or until you quit the tool, obviously)

I would be happy to create something, a proof of concept, for you in the next few days …