(When) Will Renoise Be 64Bit?

Please don’t shoot me, i did search the forums but couldn’t find any real threads with answers.

Will there ever be a 64bit build of Renoise? is it something we can expect in the near future at all?

I’m not sure how many Renoise users there are that need it, I personally am hitting 3GB usage in Renoise, and that’s mostly VST instruments, and lots of samples.

I know there are work arounds like running your samples using a VST sampler that does streaming or using something like Jbridge (which is a lot of hassle). but this isn’t really comfortable from a creative point of view.

I think there will be, just a question of time.
At the moment a 64bit version of Renoise only exists for Linux :yeah:
Maybe time to switch OS ?? :panic:

typical reply from Linux fanboys! :D

I’m a Linux user myself, but more on servers, not really a desktop fan.

The problem is I have a lot of VSTs I use heavily and now started using Kontakt and other NI plugins extensively. I’ve used Renoise in LInux merely to play around but it was a PITA to get Jack working, then the realtime kernel working nicely etc;

So unless the Renoise developers or the community make a modded version of that’s pre-rolled with all the packages and config for Wine, I’m not going to bother ;)

But it’s just not practical I’m afraid, which is a pitty because music production is one of the only things I need 'bloze for besides games.

Yeah, when using VSTs heavily Linux is not the best OS-choice. It has the possibilities, but somehow the LinuxDevs don’t focus on anything around good plugins.
I use Renoise more as a StepSequencer for my hardwaresynths and for building nice samplebased, distorted drumloops within renoise.
Doing this, I only have to use alsa and meanwhile most realtimestuff is already in the kernel.
But even with the lack of plugins Renoise is the best DAW on Linux these days and with some good audiocards, audio- and midilatency is hell on linux.
(my old audiophile 2496 goes down to 1.3ms of latency)

Unfortunately no one here will be able to answer this question. We can only promise that there definitely will be a 64 bit Renoise version for windows (and OSX) some when in the future.
Actually we already did a lot for this during the last years to make that happen, but we’re not yet done and can’t promise anything yet. In fact, 64 bit version /ONLY/ give you more RAM to play with and a tiny speedup. But there also is no ReWire support (quite likely never will be), no Quicktime support (which we use to import MP3s) and a lot of troubles with plugins (which is the main “problem” on our side).
So we have to prioritize putting work on this, against the tons of other great ideas and suggestions.

taktik, thanks for replying, nice to get an answer :)

Yes, RAM is the main bottleneck for me, speed is not really an issue. I suppose what might help, since it’s a pain to load guitar tracks in an external VST sampler that can stream, is to have a streaming option for long samples. Cutting up samples and then triggering them at appropriate places is also not really practical if one is doing multiple takes.

I’ll post this idea in length in the appropriate section though :)

Although the main bottleneck are the large VSTs I use.

Thanks, at least I know it’s a work in progress and something to look forward to, along with all the great improvements that come out with each release!

I agree with you with the large sample vs RAM thing, but for this, you know we have the autoseek function now right?

damn it.

64bit came to early…

theres still much to do.

Yes, it’s one of the most useful features for my workflow :)

You can try to use jBridge for 64bits VSTs, and let us know your results.
The full version costs around $20, so it’s not crazy expensive IMHO. And there is a trial version so you can make sure first that it works with your setup.

I myself haven’t tried jBridge yet, but it was suggested by some members of this forum before, so I assume it works well with Renoise.

im still on win xp,didnt know that theres no rewire under 64bit?? :unsure:

What about 33 bit?!

You can’t skip numbers like that, WHAT A RIP-OFF!!!

I tested it briefly, but it was a bit of a pain, not hard to use or anything, probably wasn’t in the mood for yet more complications ;)

When I have some free time I’ll give it another bash.

I’m not hitting any RAM bottlenecks just yet though, the biggest track of mine uses roughly 2.8GB for Renoise.exe alone, so it is approaching ;)

Giving this a little bump because I’ve just run out of memory in Renoise, Kontakt and other big patches! I want to use all my 8GB of ram!

since the rewire protocol has gone 64-bit now, i think it’s reasonable to expect that renoise will turn 64-bit for win x64 at some point

Really? cool!

Yeah, but there’s the VST issues to work out.

I bought JBridge last night, it seems to play very nicely with Kontakt and doesn’t seem to add any or much latency.

Hopefully it’ll work well until Renoise 64bit, of 33 bits :D

Like Duke Nukem: When it’s done… :drummer:

I also registered jBridge.
It doesn’t work flawless with all plugins though.
But frankly, using 32-bit Renoise and jBridging the 64-bit Play plugins is a quite magical combination, i don’t think i’m going to need the 64bit version of Renoise.
(I do hope i’m capable of updating to Play 3.0.15, right now EastWest support was capable of helping me messing up my Play installation but unfortunately not fixing it.)

I haven’t ried the 64bit bridge, just multiple instances of 32bit Kontakt via jbridge. Kontakt being the main beast, hehe, that’s the real hog atm for me. I ended up deleting most of the jbridge ‘links’ as it were, jsut kept the big plugs that hog up my RAM, makes things a little easier.

So far, so good… now to look at another 8GB of ram for my i7 … :D

that’s great news. I think I’m going to give up linux for music production… sadly :( lack of proper VST(i) support is too much for me now. Maybe in the future when I will buy some hardware synths…

Waiting for 64 bit renoise for windows then!