When Will Renoise Die?

If and when Renoise as a music application project will die, what would likely be the most plausible cause? And when can we expect this to happen? What factors are important to consider for scenario building here?

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It will die when TakTik moves on to his next-next-generation tracker, “ReReNoise”

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Yay! Finally a really positive thread!!!



Nintendo and Taktik are in negotiations.

The next generation is WiiNoise.


“always look on the depressing and morbid side of life”

No, I am serious.

The official information says that Renoise was initially developed by several people. But today I get the impression that all programming is done by one single individual (i.e. taktik, a conclusion further supported by the above comments).

Now, I’m not the guy you see on IRC channels and IRL meetings, so forgive my curious questions:

  • Is the final sourcecode for the Renoise application developed by one person (i.e. taktik) only?
  • If yes, since how long has this been the case?
  • Are there any candidates that want to join into the development (C++ coders, etc)?
  • If yes, is taktik willing to open the doors for other developers?
  • If no, what are the specific reasons for that standpoint?
  • Are there any recent official interviews with taktik to read/watch/listen somewhere (e.g. on the future of Renoise etc)?

It’s NOT my intention to spread negativism around, I just want to understand the factors shaping the future of Renoise as a music application. In the end, is it all about taktik’s choice?

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:yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

I just looked at Renoise 1.2, then 1.5, 1.8 and 1.9… The program has made huge leaps in the last few years which means for me that it is really fun for Taktik to code and as far as I know, Taktik does this for living…

aah… now i get it. some valid questions.

dont be surprised. you should think about your thread- titles next time. :D

Haha :) We all know what happened to modplug when it became open source. The program is literally dead.

He does?? I thought Renoise was a sparetime project and that he was involved in Abelton Live or something. I’d like to have more information about taktik, you know – trivial stuff like what he envisions with Renoise and how many sportcars he drives. ;)

Yes, I should have included the serious flag and rephrased the question. But these are all legitimate questions.

Yes, and soon MadTracker3 is going open source, too… If taktik should abandon Renoise in the future, let’s hope that Renoise will NEVER go open source and found on that nerdy place called SourceForge. It’s difficult enough to even find the XRNS2MID script in that muddy jungle (and the development of php-scripts seemed to be much faster actually when those guys didn’t bother with Sourceforge).

I hope it never dies. I’ve been using it since 1.5, and REALLY impressed with the progress so far and have big hopes for the future. I bet there many programmers that would love working on a project like this free of charge.
Renoise is a one of a kind product. Well, yes there are other trackers, and I’ve tryed most of them, but the quality and stability of renoise, makes it top of the line when it comes to trackers.

If renoise development ever stops, and becomes an abandoned peice of software, I’d much rather buy the rights, take a huge loan, find an investor and hire some programmers and keep the project going myself. I’d prefer that than seeing it end up as a dead opensource heap of code.

I have some questions for the Devs as well.

  • Is there an intention to make renoise compete with other music software in the market, or is it just a small sideproject for a small fanbase?
  • How many registered users are there, and do the devs think renoise has a commercial value, and could it be profitable?
  • What are the plans, goals and dreams of the devs, regarding the future of renoise?
  • Has any companies ever contacted the devs about buying the rights for this software and continue the development?
  • Are there other developers outside the core develpers contributing on regular basis, or has been contrubuting in the past?

i’m no dev, but of course it’s out there to compete with the other sequencers and kicks there a** on the way

I hope its still running when most of the protons have decayed and taktik is just a head in a jar…

Yes, good question, I’m curious to know this as well.

Well, you didn’t really expected a concrete date, or? As long as there is a need for Renoise or a good tracker in general there will be one. Dont worry and do some music (as long as Renoise exists ;) ).

There currently is absolutely no reason to stop this project. In contrary: it runs quite well so far. Renoise is a well balanced mixture between work and hobby for me (how it should be). Same for the rest of the team (correct me if I’m wrong). So its very very unlikely that we’ll trash this project next week or month… I also still need something to make music with.

Currently I am the only one who writes the Renoise App code, but there are lots of others involved in various things you need to get such an app up and running (Web, Help, Feature Planning, Testing, Support,…).
We used to be more coders, maybe will be more coders again in future. Lets see how things envolve.

Maybe at some time Renoise will be “done” and its time to step ahead to something else - start with a fresh head an no old limitations. But that will definitely not happen before Renoise 5.0.

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Renoise death date: 01 feb 2008!!! :( :8 .(7

Hey Taktik you have a song page somewhere? Me = curious!!

Btw: I went to Berlin for the first time, back in may. The people there really have work and free time balanced in an unusual and good way.

So I’d like to praise Taktik and his hometown :)

Renoise is the only tracker around with enough staypower to please your wife.

… er… s/please your wife/never die/

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Be sure not to praise in “berlin neukölln” or “berlin marzahn” if you want to get home without injuries. ;)