When Will Renoise Die?

I can sign to that. I went from Madtracker 2 to Renoise and was overwhelmingly positively surprised by the agility and stability of Renoise. Ofcourse I had to learn the interface, but that was a minor detail. I made music twice as good in about a week with Renoise than with MT2. And you can quote me on that fictive Renoise marketing team.

I can’t see why Renoise should be hard to learn, except if you don’t know any of the basic of electronic music production.

… or trackers… Many of my friends who are using Logic, Nuendo, FL Studio and the likes, wonder if I’m peeking into the Matrix Code. If not for its awesome power, use Renoise for extra conversation material at parties… “Seen any blondes and brunettes in that code yet?”

When music will die? When does people will be bored by thoses stupid useless informations brought to their ears? looking forward the world of silence :)

Renoise will die when every last Renoise user does, and when every last piece of Renoise-made music gets destroyed… for that matter, when everyone who’s ever heard all the Renoise-made songs die. Otherwise, it will live on in the collective minds and hearts of the world forever :P

Puts on his +20 Will cape (I play LOTRO)

I’ve been wanting to get back into dabbling with electronica for a few years. Back in the days I used Cakewalk, first the DOS version then the Windows version, but got sidetracked. Recently I tried out Storm Music Studio, and it was really easy (too easy?) to create song, but almost impossible (for me anyways) to make them sound right. I was looking around and noticed I had this demo of Renoise installed, so I fired it up. That was scary. Then I watched some YouTube videos - they were scary too! Finally I grabbed some of the competition songs, and listened/watched them and the demos, I was starting to get less scared and more impressed! I went through the flash tutorial and all that was enough to convince me to buy it.

Since then I have played around a little, and really do not find it all that difficult to use. Granted I am still just starting out, but anywhere I got “stuck” (one was finding out how to make a note-off) I just search the docs and forums til I find the answer.

I guess my issues are not technical, just letting my heart tell me what sort of music I want to try to make, and setting off on the journey. But I am quite sure right now, Renoise will be the tool I use.

My fellow ‘band’ member also said that the workflow looked like the matrix code. He was quite interested in tracking in general (despite the fact that he is a die-hard Logic user) and asked whether you could change the workflow, so it worked in reverse, i.e it goes up. A weird thought but it might provide some interesting music?

Anyway, back to the matrix thing, can someone code it so that the tracks change into those squiggles, in a green on black background, so it does look like the matrix?

Open up AVS in Winamp, open the Settings, turn on Desktop Overlay, set the colour to the same as your track BG colour in Renoise and load a matrix preset into AVS.

Not perfect but not bad :)

The font: http://members.optusnet.com.au/~marty_f/20…orever_Pro2.ttf
The Vis: http://members.optusnet.com.au/~marty_f/20…oise_bright.avs

Have fun :)

if the workflow changes in renoise - renoise might die, as to now, renoise has a great workflow, this is the main reason why I like it you can do things quicky the second a musical thought comes to your mind, renoise is like loosefit jeans of sequencers, you have a lot of free movement. :D fantastic music workhorse. thank you renoise-team again!!! :yeah:

Well, i code some apps too, but an app is never “done” if you know what i mean.
When some developer carries on your work one day, that person will hopefully put as much
creative power and spirit in Renoise, as you did thus far B)

Renoise changed my life, after Impulse Tracker, there was never a program like it.
Now Renoise made me continue writing music, and i have this great hobby that will never end…
Buying at least two licenses was a small thing i could do, to contribute to the big fun in my life.
The fun as “DJ TerraByte” :walkman:

Thank you Taktik, and all the other devs. for making Renoise! :yeah:

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This calls for… the donate button! :yeah:

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12 years later i was googling the same thing :joy::joy: time to get on with some
why was this glagged aint people in 2020 thinking the same things ?

Renoise, never die! Too good to be left for dead. Renoise forever!


are u a a newbie like me then ? yeah i thinks it will be ok for a while
yet i was laughing at myself even coming on here and someone flagged my comment lol , do the creators and people like taktik ever come
and chime
in at these forums ? just wondered cheerso

Nope, not a newbie - been using it for a few years now. For the style of music I make (lowercase/experimental/glitch), Renoise is king for me. Now, I don’t have to use Max/MSP or Pure Data to create what I want to hear, but I did have to learn how to use Renoise coming from a piano-roll perspective (Reason for 17 years).

Now that I have learned how to use Renoise, it’s boosted my music into places I couldn’t get before. Abstract patterns, DIY sample generation, field recording, clicks 'n pops, generative sequencing, and generative sample-triggering. Reason can do that, but it doesn’t sound ‘right’. Renoise takes the sound, and leaves it crisp, clear. Renoise has gotten me ‘out there’ as well, making my audio sound the way it should and people seem to like it better.

Along with @Raul’s Renoise plugin, SMC Tool (which I’ve shouted endlessly about), Renoise is now in some amazing granular/glitch territory. As long as Renoise keeps progressing and working on my Mac, I’m going to keep using it, until it dies (which I hope does not happen). Heck, I’ve considered getting a cheap PC if that does happen and installing Linux and using it that way if that does happen. I hope it does not.

@taktik does chime in here and there, he’s a busy fella. He and the few others who do work on Renoise are all working regular jobs alongside updating this amazing tracker.



yeah thanks man its awesome

whats the smc tool
do is it good for recording ?


one of the most interesting Renoise Videos i ever seen, inspiring
thnx for sharing

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Yeah I have to buy that SMC full version

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