Where Can I Get A Sampled Piano?

Is it possible to find a collection of piano samples in wav format? there are plenty of sample pianos out there, but all of them that I can find are in some other format (Kontakt or something)

It would be easier to use in these other formats because they can handle differences in velocity, pedal and other such things… but I have a few cases where I would like to mess with some simple .WAVs

I could always use one of the sampled pianos I have, play some notes and render them… and I might do that eventually, but if I could find what I am looking for that would be nice.


Ive been on the hunt for good piano samples, I gave up on it cause its few and far between.

Recently I did stumble on to something that caught my eye


well, I found one. I am not sure if its legal or where it came from.
I got it from a friend, who had gotten it from a friend as well.

It is just a folder labeled ‘Grand Piano’ and has most of the notes from C-0 to C-7. The sound is pretty bright and loud… but it was exactly what I was looking for.

I don’t know if I should share it or not… I don’t know where it came from or if it’s legal.

This soundfont is good enough for my piano needs, that is until something better and free comes along. Don’t ask me how to use it on Windows though, I have no idea :D

Thre is also a larger Steinway piano soundfont around:


The best I’ve used but mapping them on your keyboard is time consuming and there’s no velocity layers in Renoise.

The splendid piano soundfont


sfz for soundfont player.

thanks everyone :)

The Yamaha Disklavier Pro Piano Multisamples (1212 samples)


if you use this and make an nki / gig / xrni, let me know :)

Mr. Cold, Could you please share the piano? im sure you wont get sued by anyone :D

Tenfour, the piano links dont work on the WIKI link, but everything else does :) I’m downloading some prepared piano now.