Where Do I Find More Instruments?!

Hey so i’m very new to renoise. I’m loving it. Especially since I found all the tools. REally expands the functionality of the program. The one thing that is bumming me out though is that i’m not especially learned about samples yet and just want a deeper palette of .xnri sounds to play with. I love vintage synth sounds and chimes and generally lo-fi sounding things. Sounds that are like the sample tron. Anyone have any guidance for me on this one? Would be greatly apreciated:)

Well I’m not sure about Renoise instruments, but here are a bunch of single cycle waveforms. You just load them into an instrument slot… Make sure the “loop” function is turned on in the sample editor window and they will play just like renoise instruments. They are really convenient because of the small size and low cpu usage.

single cycle waveforms

The new 2.7 XRNI instruments are not yet widely spread, but the old one layer format are plenty around to be found on an online library here:

I estimate 2.7 instruments will be uploaded there as well sooner or later (i’ve seen an addition from may 5th this year, that could be the first).
If you have registered Renoise, you also have sample packages available on your Renoise backstage account.

Try to enable the . button in the disk browser then you can load any file as a new sample try a .jpg or something. At first it will probably not sound very good, but try to enable looping and cut the sample where there are interesting sounds. Then go to the instrument editor and make an envelope, assign an lfo to the pitch and whatever that comes to mind and you will end up with your very own unique instrument.
Remember you can tune it in the “instrument settings” at “sample properties”.

THAT is sooo cool and it works … I just listend to a JPG :) DARN I love Renoise

if you want some better results than JPG, check out this thread: https://forum.renoise.com/t/audio-from-exe-files/31483

I suggest you to get familiar with vst instruments, if you are not already. They can be more user friendly than samples and they have better quality for synthetic sound. Samples and renoise instruments have their advantages of course.
If you use windows, synth1 is very good option and it’s free. It has very wide range of sounds it can produce, including vintage sounds. ;)

I am into industrial/noize/electronica stuff and I use a couple of hardware synths.
My Renoise runs on a linuxmachine, so vst is possible but not as stable as on windows or mac.

the import of all kind of files into renoise gives me very nice soundeffects and crushed stuff I can really use in my songs :)

so for me it’s a perfect toy

Get your hands on a decent multi-sample library and start building your own XRNi’s. I have been using the multi-sample library that comes with Cakewalk’s Dimension Pro and have been amazed by the results. Particularly for cello, violins, etc. This is in 2.6 without any velocity layers too, so I can’t wait to get cracking once a stable build of 2.7 is available. The samples are conveniently named by pitch (e.g.cello forte-345-C4) and there is an individual sample for each white key within the instruments tonal range at least.

The instruments don’t sound as good when using the plug-in itself IMO, cos I think it has all sorts of envelopes and filters set by default which make them sound less natural. I was considering investing in Kontakt for these sort of layered, multi-sampled sounds but I don’t think I’ll be bothering now!

Once I have built a few more XRNI’s in 2.7 I will post an example track to show off the quality of the results.

EDIT: Oh and for more electronic / synthetic sounds, Wild Style 24 do a Korg MS20 sample pack for about $5 which is wicked for basses and leads, with some authentic analogue filtering and stink on them.

Thanks to everyone for the quick responses! for my first post it’s nice to see there’s a nice community out there. Through exploring most of these suggestions (still finding my technical proficiency at doing relatively simple tasks piss poor) i’ve come to realize that alot of my desired textures and sounds will be best acheived through sampling.

It’s rather easy to draw some cross platform inspiration from this link here

Anyone have any tips on how to go about organizing samples in this manner and volume in renoise? Bear in mind my knowledge even of the sample editors basic functions is pitifully limited.

Thanks again for all the useful goodies from everyone :walkman:

On Linux??? Now real stable sample-librarian out there, Samplecat is an attempt.

I organize my samples simply by using the standard samplefolder of renoise. I add new named folders and subfolders to find my samples quickly.

I found 800MB worth of instruments on the front page.



They’re layered as well ;)

I actually feel really guilty for paying so little for Renoise…um but don’t ask me for more :)

I guess I should have mentioned i’m on a Mac

That doesn’t matter for the xrni’s you can download from loop project.