Where Do You Live?

I live in Seattle, I wish I lived in Canada or Germany or somewhere not in the U.S.

I live in Sweden, I wish I lived on Mars or Pluto or somewhere not on the planet Earth. ;) :D

germany here, not wishing to live anywhere else in particular… :o

i live in norway/bergen. and im happy here :)

I live in Gliwice/Poland but might move to the UK later on…

I live in Avellino/Italy, near Naples:

If I would ever move, I would move to a small city where people are less ignorant, but mozzarella, bread and pizza are still as good as are here.


germany / berlin

and I dont want to leave in the next time

Germany, nearly Kassel (which lies in Hessen)

but I planned as soon as I finished to be an apprentice to get somewhere into the north.
Maybe Rostock, this city rulez :ph34r:

Otherwise when I manage to be a millionare I’m going to settle after Japan :D

i also live in bergen/norway…

  • and i love it! :D

Amersfoort, The Netherlands! :yeah:

I am German, but I live in Finland

Oslo, Norway.

Göteborg, Sweden…

Germany / Munic

I live in Oslo / Norway, but originate from the planet Bergen / Also Norway. Like it here in Oslo, would like to try out an english-speaking country…

Netherlands :D


Tartu, Estonia. The one and only from this country so far :)

Bordeaux, France.

South-west of France to be more precise…

and here is a pic:

I live in Finland. It’s that small country between Norway & Russia
:P :D