Which Kind Of Software Did You Use Before Renoise?

more and more are people coming here from non-tracker software, so I think we all are curious to know hom many of us did not use a tracker before using Renoise. let’s count us then!

I’ve talked to a lot of ex-FL Studio converts. Myself included :3

I’ve always used trackers, but also flirted with cubase around 2000. That was because fasttracker didn’t run on my windows 98 pc. After some internerding I found madtracker and used this in combination with cubase. When someone directed me to renoise I ditched madtracker in the combo, and now I solely use renoise and wavelab.

i started off on ableton live. but i didnt like the way i kept getting stuck just making loops, and switching from session to arranger view didnt really work for me.

then came my mpc, great workflow, and i loved the feeling of banging on things,…yeah, i’m a drummer originally :P

but it was a pain in the ass really, what with the transfering samples and saving and assigning pads etc.

then came cubase and i liked the linear flow of things but hated how much extra work it was to get even the simplest thing done. it did help cement the way i work as far as starting with an intro and progressing on to the end. used the mpc together with cubase, and thought i was pretty much set,…

and then jesus came to me in a dream and the rest is history :D

you know the famous forum quote regarding trackers: “its a different way of working and you just got to get used to it”,… never had a problem with that.

renoise just works the way i like to work, which i think is why i had trouble with other software.

I mostly used Impulse Tracker, but also Cubase and FL. Actually I messed around with HammerHead and ModPlug as well.
I voted for both IT and Cubase, because I spent a lot of time with both.

Now it’s pretty much Renoise and Wavelab, just like jonas. I might use Reaper, tho, if I need some of its mixing features (PDC, groups, sidechaining…).

Before I got my hands on Renoise I was mainly doing chiptunes in FT2 and clones (Milkytracker lately).

I picked up Renoise as an extra tool aside from the other stuff I use (Sonar, MPC 1000, SP-505, Reason). It has quickly become very important, since I love to use it on my laptop, but it didn’t actually replace anything.

Same story as ermi, Impulse tracker for a couple of years, then Cubase for a couple of years, now Renoise for… how long? =)

started on Reason

then cubase

and finally renoise

makes cubase look so stupid :)

FT2! So Renoise is like a dream come true :D

I’ve used Amiga Trackers (Noisetracker, Startrekker, Protracker, ahh!) before that, but mostly to play modules and look at the VU meters haha. If Buzz hadn’t been so unstable (and then dead) I probably would have gotten more into that, too.

I answered Fast Tracker but I was using Modplug & Mad Tracker for a bit because I was forced to find an alternative when I upgraded to windows 2000. I conisdered those merely Fast Tracker substitutes. Renoise is the new Fast Tracker and gets some love from me.

Protracker on the Amiga.

buzz and still using.

EDIT: btw. cant vote for ‘another tracker’ -> ‘buzz’

started with ModPlug in 2001, changed to Renoise in january 2007 - love it!

amiga OctaMED

later on, PC MED Soundstudio

DMC on C64, FT2, MT2 (finally stereosamples and atleast some effects), Renoise.

I actually bought my first Amiga back in 1988 just because of Sound Tracker :) I felt in love with it just after I had tried this wonderful program out over at a friends house, and since then I have had a long and passionated relationship with trackers of all kinds. Today Renoise is my main tool, but to be honest I also use cubase when I record vocals, guitars and other live instruments…

ProTracker - FastTrackerII - Cubase - Buzz - Renoise

Moved from Cubase to Renoise
Freed me from some kind of Cubase lazyness, now I can almost finish a track… ^_^

man, from the replies, am i glad i dont own steinberg stock.