Who Are Better, Men Or Women?

I reckon men are better cause they’re more clever.

Vote now!

I reckon this thread/poll is complete bollocks, and is taking “off topic” to an entirely new level.

I dunno, we could poll your opinion on whether or not this is a new level or not.

ive had a few tonite

Women, because with the way our society has changed, the classic (biologic?) male strengths[1] have become unimportant, while female’s typical strengths[2] are still important and probably will always be.
So, once we can artificially produces new humans, men will be dispensable. Except me of course :P

[1] physical power/ advantage, spatial imagination (for hunting), aggression, fighting, being strong/ physically tough

[2] softskillz, language skills, social & emotional intelligence

women cos i dont fancy men

I’ve had quite a few myself :D :blink: :dribble: :w00t:

There are a few on this forum.

Sexually ?

Well girls have boobs but guys have penors. I say 50/50.

Hillary is totally going to win.

What it comes down to in nature is that men an women are equal. We need men to build rocket ships and fix the heaters and air conditioners when they break down and we need women to have more babies so we can have more men and women.

dear happy milkshake man,

please consider seeking parental advisory beforehand asking questions on this particular forum in the future.
these two individuals are very nice persons (usually) and have the knowledge to enlighten you on 99% of your concerns.
(and i am positive that this particular issue does not belong to the uncovered 1%.)

good luck.


Nutty question, maybe you are not happy enough?

Well if I as a “male” says that men in general are better for some reason I feel stupid and then female win. Why isn’t genderless an alternative?

Well if men are smarter, and men like women, then women are better, right?

Who are worse: men or women?

who created women and men?

wild guess: men?

she males

just kiddin

The poll is flawed.

Matriarchy reeks just as much as Patriarchy.

People need practice.

Better in which way?

Average physical strength: men
Aesthetic appeal across both sexes: women
50th percentile in logical performance: men
99th percentile in logical performance: women
Average ability to use computers: men
Average ability to use men: women

It’s a tough one! There’s so much cultural bias affecting how men and women behave, that the “raw” personality/ability of a man or woman is hard to ascertain.

I doubt that computers are inherently male in appeal, for example.