Who Is Into Real Hip Hop Here?

i make real hip hop beats with renoise so i was wondering if there are hip hop beat makers out there who use renoise too

i dont make hip-hop,but again the only hip-hop i like is sutter kain

sporadically do a beat, but am planning to finish something this summer.

question bro what is real hip hop? premo?flylo?dilla!!?pharrell?9thwonder?marley marl?kanye?..etc
or stuff like lex luger,kane beatz,Jim Jonsin?

i make hip hop beats in renoise as well as other genres, and there are many other people producin’ “hip hop” w/ renoise
it has some of the best sample editing features & you can chop up samples/breaks so quick it’s awesome. ^_^

and btw i think this is posted in the wrong area bro sall’ good tho

we like that real hip hop like Will Smith and Mc Hammer.

am wit u Obsole Existence…Mc Hammer is THA SH*T !!!



Vanilla Ice was the true founder of the hip hop genre, don’t forget that. :badteeth:

mc hammer is cool no doubt for his time period, the funny thing is he used to live in my town lol.

My favourite hip hop track , the beat is so simple yet so awesome

Wow, you’re hardcore, man!

Who? I only know Geto Boys, NWA and Young MC ;)

but seriously…the coolest hip hop I’ve heard recently would probably be Death Grips.


There was a German dude a couple years ago that released his album on here, I can’t remember his name but it had CHief in it. His tracks kicked ass. Can’t say I’m fond of Germans rapping in English though. :unsure: Try to find it, it’s impressive.

First thing, get the Korg MS-20, Dre used it lots in his and snoop’s music. I remade Dre Day and it’s nearly identical to the real thing. My drum samples are different but…say you got a bunch of drunk musicians, and you play it… They can’t tell the difference at all.

Hi there,

I am making Hip Hop beats from time to time. Check my signature for some things. Is there any place to listen to your music?

haha yeah post a song in the song forum or here and tell us your definition of real hip hop :)
i’m making beats like everyday… ain’t got no raps for now…
and BTW renoise is perfect for it for it’s price, it’s feature complete… i’d seriously think about a FL studio with slicex etc but at $199… let’s see if i can actually sell one piece of music first :D

I also make hiphop beats with Renoise.The plan was to do hiphop with FL Studio and use Renoise to do IDM and other weird stuff:)
But this wonderful tracker is made for sample based hiphop!! I don’t have an url but will get on it in the next few days if peeps want to check out my stuff:)

in fact, this tracker seems made for sample based anything :)