Who Is Using Renoise In The Professional World?

i know the term “professional” is totally subjective, but as an example, i compose music for tv commercials and movies and have used renoise on a number of things that have been on network and cable TV, as well as albums put out on fairly big independent labels… i was just curious how many people out there are using this software which is definitely more geared toward the esoteric and experimental (IMHO) for more mundane music making…

just some quick history on myself… i started out making music with FT2 in the early 90s. I held on to FT2 as long as i could (didnt really like madtracker or the other early windows trackers) but luckily found renoise 1.28. I refused to upgrade to the newer versions for a long time because i liked the 1.28 GUI which was much more true to the FT2 look and feel, but finally upgraded to 1.9 recently because of the overwhelming amount of new and incredible features… I use renoise as my main sequencer for my personal music, tho I mainly use Digital Performer for my work music, but when i am working in certain genres i use renoise for work as well…

some things i have used renoise on…

2007 Nationwide Insurance “Rollin VIP” (Superbowl Commercial starring Kfed) - the beat was done in Renoise 1.281, vocals recorded in DP and then reimported… the final mix on the air was straight outta renoise!

Theme song for Lifetime TV’s “How To Look Good Naked” - this was also done completey in renoise 1.281… there is no good clip i could find of the actually opening theme, but most of the clips on youtube of the show have my beat in the background (its the house beat with some horn stabs)

Doge Nitro “Parking Space” - the beat was started in Renoise but finished in DP

Also I have produced songs for rappers Aceyalone, Abstract Rude, Busdriver, 2Mex, and many more using renoise… besides super underground electronic music (which i make as well) is anyone else using renoise to make music for more mainstream applications?

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As a professional, what features are missing in Renoise that prevents you from abandoning DP?

Congrats on your success! :yeah:

Do you have any records out that you’d like to show us? Specifically, tunes written in Renoise?

well obviously the real time recording features are still pretty below par, and the lack of detailed quantizing and velocity tools… basically the midi engine in general, while i’m SUPER happy that they got some midi capabilities in there (and i am starting to develop a cool method of working with it too) you cant quickly and easily get a part in there the way you can with DP. also, although i really like the way renoise has implemented the multi note per channel while still staying totally true to the tracker look and feel, it is pretty impractical to use it to make a full fledged piano or string piece (i know you could do it… it would just take too long for my purposes).

but all that being said… i dont think renoise should necesarilly have some of those features. renoise excels at incredible audio routing possibilities and the unique tracker style of programming. it doesnt need to be a jack of all trades. i love it just the way it is!

as far as releases…

is a start… all of my contributions to those projects were produced in renoise or fast tracker.

i will post back later with more specific details of tracks when i get a chance, but i gotta jet out to work now…

and i checked out that thread… yeah i already knew about most of the IDM heads that use trackers… i mean in my opinion if you are making experimental music i cant imagine why you wouldnt use renoise! it has such advanced sound shaping capabilities compared to otehr progs… but i was more refering to people using renoise for more non-experimental electronic music applications…