Why Cant I Record My Guitar

Ok I added a line input and set it up so that my interface is the input signal and I can hear my guitar coming through and even hear native effects when I add them to the track, but when I arm for recording and start playing its not entering any notes onto the lane. Is there an extra step I am missing here or something?

If you want to record your guitar as actual notes on the track you need a MIDI interface for it (the Roland GK/GI series is a good place to start) – without one you’ll have to record the guitar as a sample. If you want it to sound like a guitar then recording to a sample is your best bet; as a MIDI device you’ll have to use it to trigger guitar samples or similar and it won’t sound like what you’re hearing when you play…

Oh so you basically record it as a sample where the guitar line I record will become one sample- one note entered and will play out when I enter the sample as the “z” key like a normal break or whatever?

Yup. Make sure you turn on turn on Autoseek, and you’re done. It’s not really Renoises’s forte and for punching in and out for retakes, overdubs and whatnot there are better tools out there, but it works.

Ok thanks for the help. I will probably end up just recording guitar in ableton and importing it as a sample.

why not use Rewire with the programs?