Line-In Device Advancements

Threads like these with people struggling with recording into Renoise seem to still be fairly popular. I suggest some changes to the Line-In Device to make recording a little more obvious.

Most obvious is an Arm toggle. When enabled you will record the input when Edit Mode is on.
Wet/Dry or Pre/Post Effects - Whether you are recording the signal with or without effects in the track.
Recording Location - Current Instrument, New Instrument, Specific Instrument (by number.)
Sample Overwrite - Overwrite first sample slot on each take or create a new sample slot per take. No effect if New Instrument selected above.

I think that covers most the important things…

the Line-In device as it is now doesn’t allow actual recording am I right?

I don’t think so.

I believe the Realtime Render with take Line Inputs (maybe somebody will correct me.)

Otherwise you need to use the Record Dialogue. Which doesn’t then take it from set-up Line In devices but you choose your Input again. I assume it will be released if already used on a Line-In on a Track.

Have to admit it is something I’ve touched about once but do see threads asking how to do recording cropping up often and thought ideas similar to above mayhelp

If you go to the sample editor, you are allowed to pick an fx chain from any track, this includes any line-in device along, so you definately can record the line-in.
In other words:An Arm option may be scriptable to some extent, but still the user has to manually select the fx-chain in the recorder because only start/stop and cancel recording have API entries.