Why Do You Write Music?

While working in Renoise today I started feeling philosophical as to why I enjoy creating electronic music. So I pose the question to you all:

Why do YOU write music?

I think for me there are two reasons:

  1. I am fond of the music I create and because of this I’m able to learn more and more about composing every time I create a track.
  2. I want to have writing music as a skill I can bring to the table in a design team after I graduate.

So what about you? Do you do it to make a living? Just for fun? To make a statement? To change the world? To leave a mark? Just for yourself? Why?


I personally stopped trying to analyse everything too much a long time ago. To me it’s just a thing that I have to do, like eating or sleeping. My mind is constantly active and filled with strange rhythms, so I’m really just trying to get those ideas out and express them somehow. Most importantly, I do it for myself and for my own enjoyment, not for any kind of gain or recognition. It’s nice when other people enjoy what I do, and sure it would be nice to put out some real world releases now and then, but it’s not something I concern myself with or waste time stressing about. Whatever happens happens. In the meantime, I am just enjoying it for myself.

For the pussy!

Ok… to lose track of time and forget myself for a bit.

For fame and glory and women ofcourse. :)

It just happened to be something I enjoyed doing. Then it got out of hand. These days, the music writes me.

I write music because it keeps me out of jail. I find that Renoise drowns out the voices that tell me to do bad things.

I compose to let out my hidden feelings, and later on i might realize what the song was all about (song name, lyrics etc.). it’s strange. I also make more popular music rarely for other people though have this style of building tracks I like. Also it’s my nr#1 hobby.

an evil red elf sometimes suddenly appears on my left shoulder and tells me to do that.

I really don’t know why :D Because ‘Why?’ is the most difficult question to answer and I really don’t know.
Maybe there are so many different reasons why, but maybe there is only one but very complicated one… Hmm.
Let’s just say I LOVE MAKING MUSIC (because love is almost complicated enough to answer this).

Because I have to. Just like I have to draw stuff.

And what dblue said.

For no reason is the reason ^_^

So your saying its good for yourelf`…

:rolleyes: :P

Cant seem to stop myself and wouldnt want to.

Just doing it for my own enjoyment.
Will probably fix a webpage sooner or later to dump whatever tunes get done with no real expectation of money, fame or women :)
Which is the way I’ve done it since mid -90’s when I started to track in Scream Tracker 1 and used BBS’s to spread the tunes.
But if someone enjoy something I’ve enjoyed creating then of course that is a small boost of self confidence and purpose.
But again that is not why.

The why would be for the goose bumps when I’ve figured out a tune that I like or finaly nailed the last chord/key/whatever.
Sometimes that happens just by accident, which kind of add to the mystery of sound and music :P

I’ve enjoyed my fair share of music… now I’m giving back.

I do aesthetic stuff to stay sane, as for music in particular, I’ve done it so long now I don’t think I’d function properly without it. I do it 100% for myself, but, if other people enjoy it, all for the better.

Music making fulfills my cognitive/emotional need for weaving stuff together.

Because it’s there.

cuz it kills time wif gr8 success tbh!1 :>

Because I live for the music I listen to, all day long, day after day, week after week, etc.

So when I happen to stop listening to music for a moment, I want to make some. :huh:

What Transcender said, and also because I like to feel like I have learned something.

I never listen to the music I make (I really can not see how any artist can do so, although I may be a very different personality type to the kind of person who does…)

Guess it makes me feel a bit 733t and I enjoy the technical geeky stuff which can be related very closely to something potentially beautiful.

It is kind of instant hit techy nerd fun, with a real world effect.