Why Does Renoise Sounds So Good?

the mixer and stuff are sprinkled with liquids carefully extracted from deep within a unicorn’s ass before the software is compiled.

the name of the unicorn is Brian.

“You want to see a magic trick?” Renoise asks. “Pull down your pants.”

The man looks skeptical but does as he’s told.

“Now bend over and grab your ankles.” As he does Renoise walks behind him and the man flinches. “There,” asks the tracker. “Can you feel my finger?”

The man winces and replies, “Yeah.”

The tracker holds both of his hands over the guy’s back, wiggles his fingers in front of his face and shouts, “Ta-Dah!”

Because it sounds similar to “Reason”, everytime when someone asking me about gear, and I answered,

  • “Reason? Reason? I heard”
  • “No, renoise”
  • “Yes Reason, good one”


Now you can get it even cheaper :yeah:



for only 2k ;)


Hey, if the users are happy…

Bonus is you only need to sell 100 of these a year to get a very decent business going.

I suggest Renoise Pro: $10,000

Get that old i386 tracker sound that just can’t be duplicated in todays floating point world. The extra feature is we put a picture of your face on our new pro page?

each time I hear about SAWstudio, it remembers me the I’m rich iPhone app

If i had to spend 2500 dollars i would also aim for a 512mb 1ghz laptop to work with it, because the program would have to settle for that.

would not dream of paying that much money for such an ugly piece of software, no matter how good it may sound. with renoise, i was sold for the sound, the look of the gui, the power and of course, the fact that it does not cost 2500.

anyway, we’re derailing here. whys does’s renoises sounds sos goods? unicorn Brian.

Magic fingers.

For me Milkytracker sounds very oldskool and very analog ;), especially in Amiga 1200 resampling mode, maybe better than Renoise :rolleyes:

@herodotas: I’d say that the Amiga had some great 8-bit sound, but it’s hardly analog sounding. Same goes for a lot of the old hardware samplers which happen to be 12-bit (and some newer hardware like the machinedrum). Just don’t confuse vintage with analog -
that said, you might enjoy removing sample interpolation for some of your sounds for some of that crunchy, lofi sounding sweetness :slight_smile:

While I am still a Renoob, my experience has been overwhelmingly positive. Looking forward to my evolution into a Reninja. :yeah:

About analog is just a joke. But I really like this lofi digital crispness.

You ask why it sounds so good>? yet I listen to loads of Renoise tunes that just sound thin, digital and weak, and others that sound warm and punchy simply due to the way the tunes are produced.

i guess it’s a bit clever programming in the sound-engine department and a lot of clever mixing that can make tracks sound primo in renoise :)

That is exactly what has happened to me a gazillion of times too… :lol:

Same here… :)