Why Is Renoise So Noisy?

please don’t tell me it’s because of the noise in reNOISE.
i mean, whenever i start renoise the whitenoise floor gains seriously in volume. as soon as i quit renoise, it’s gone again.
it also seems that whenever the audio engine is busy (playing a sample/song/VSTi), the noise becomes softer.
but when idle, it’s incredibly audible.

btw, this is not version specific. i’ve already experienced this with 1.2x versions.

edit: of course that noise i’m talking about is NOT present within a rendered song - the sound quality is superb then as we all know.

yeah, same here.
I have a 1Bit noise on right channel. But - it´s not related

to renoise. any audio app produces this while idling. even my
winamp does it when i press pause.
so this must be my shity soundcard.
(Terratec 512i digital)


my terratec-volumecontroll-tool has also a funny feature:
any slider does a 100% volume when I push it to 50%

whatever, I know my system needs a reinstall but as
long as renoise does the job everything is okay.

maybe this thread should be re-named to “why is my soundcard so noisy”?

some tips for low-budget customer or onboard soundcard owners/users (to minimize the noise):

adjust your wave out sliders in your mixer-app never to 100% … 50% is enough … it’s better to push up the volume on the hifi (or other) amp

switch off or adjust the volume to zero of all soundcards inputs like CD, MIC or AUX … CD-Roms or MIC inputs producing big noise on low-budget customer soundcards.

maybe this helps …

I think that is the better assumption, i don’t have any background white-noise with Renoise on my TT soundcard.

Or me with a Creamware Pulsar 2…

really no noise on E-MU’s 1212m too B)

no noise with Terratec EWX24/96.

I have all the drivers’ problems of this Earth with it, but no noise :)

Terratecs software support sucks!

no noise and driver problems on my audigy2 card.

Jeah, with my onboard sound card there was aslo very audible noise, but with my SB audigy 2 card the noise is almost gone… I only hear it if the volume sliders are pushed to the max

so why is my EMU 1212M, Delta 24/96, Audigy ZS and SBLive so noisy?

i used to have all of the above cards and still have the one i mentioned first.
didn’t know all these cards are crap, so pardon me.
and it’s very interesting to see, that they start to become crappy as soon as renoise has initialized its sound-engine. and it’s odd, that they lose their crappyness as soons as i quit renoise and start any other application there is on earth.
but afterall, it must be my equipment i guess… or the line-in fader which is too high… or maybe my digital amp? okay, i just figured, ty.

Maybe your computer is crap :P
Did all those soundcards got the same DMA and IRQ assigned?

okay, here’s a little assumption you all might want to consider before posting:
IF it was my hardware, be it the soundcard, the motherboard, the PCI interface, the cable connections, the amplifier, the speakers/headphones or whatever you might wanna come up with, wouldn’t it be a logical consequence that every software application would be noisy to the same extend? i think it would…

if i start renoise, there is noise.
if i do not start renoise, there is no noise.
if i start any other application producing audible signals, there is no noise.

and now you guys tell me, it’s my soundcard… i mean… H-E-L-L-O??

I also have all those cards.
I have no noise at all (below -120 db).
Can you try one of them in another computer?
Did you reinnstall drivers/renoise/windows?

Do you have any vsti present when you hear the noise (make sure they are suspended).

I dont know whats your problem :)
All we are saying is that we dont have any problems/noise.


since i’m using renoise, i changed my hardware 3 times (new motherboard, cpu, ram, hdd, psu, soundcard, etc) - and it’s always been the same.

please do me a favour and quit any application, turn up the volume on your amp as high as it can go and start renoise.
the noise i’m talking about should start to become audible during the renoise loading splash screen, before the GUI is visible.

if your noise level does not increase after launching renoise, then you’re either seriously deaf, got a really bad stereo or own another version (special) version of renoise as i do.

really can’t believe i’m the only one to hear this… never thought ppl would comment like that.

I measure my master output in Adobe Audition as I start renoise.
And its dead below -120db :) I cant normalize any noise at all. There is no noise.

Did you try change your graphic card?

hmm, no it’s a hercules radeon 9700pro ever since i use renoise.
but hard to believe there’s a relation between the noise and the graphics card, because it’s already there before the GUI is visible (during the init/loading/splash screen).

i just recorded the noise and amplified it a bit.
it should be audible between the 5th and 16th playing second. that’s exactly the span of time renoise was active from loading until quitting.


well but if none of you got the noise, i just seem to be doomed or something :(
fortunately enough, the noise is gone as soon as i play an instrument or a song - but i can hear it come back, as soon as the instrument sound has decayed or the song has stopped, respectively.

edit: just noticed that the noise is only present at my default sample rate: 44100hz. at 48000hz, it’s absolutely gone. hmmmmmmmm.

I’ve got the same problem. My soundcard is a Waveterminal 192M (which is not meant to be a low end soundcard). I tried three different graphic cards, no changes.

However, the noise frequency changes when I modify the soundcard latency… I can even hear buzz when moving windows ! When I use my onboard soundcard it’s perfect however. Very very strange, and I never found why I had such noises…

the reason for this can also be the motherboard!

the reason for this can also be the motherboard!

It’s the Asus A7N8X deluxe, which is known to be quite reliable…